Saturday, 13 April 2013

Solomans Birthday

In my  last post I ended by saying I was off to finish knitting a cardigan for Soloman, so here it is.
It was his 8th birthday yesterday, so in the morning he opened his presents.

He received some sort of scooter ! I didn't realise you could get so many different scooters! In my day a scooter was just a scooter!, He also received some vouchers from Waterstones and a rucksack.
We had a quiet morning in with some relatives and friends popping by with cards and presents and then we went over to Grandmas and Gramps for a surprise party!
Today was his real party that he invited his Beaver friends to. Malc and Soloman made this lovely chocolate cake and then yesterday Eden and Soloman decorated it.

We had two hours of mayhem and E numbered party food! He's opened some more of the presents he was given and is now building a lego eagle/ scorpion and dinosaur with the help of Callum.
We have a birthday every month from December until April in this house so thankfully we now have nearly 3 months off until the next one!"
I have spent the week knitting, cooking for the party and reading some fabulous blogs. When I use to blog I use to read some lovely ones but I can't believe how many informative, funny and interesting blogs there are out there now, I have to read them every day just in case I've missed something!
I'm now knitting Cody a cardigan, just got the rest of the sleeve and the two fronts to do so that's where I'm off to now, whilst watching a "Columbo" film. Nostalgia, you can't beat it!

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