Saturday, 18 May 2013

No Computer

I`ve not posted for ages as we have a virus on our main computer. I`m posting this on Clark's tablet.
We have been doing loads, unfortunately all my pictures were uploaded onto the main computer before it went nuts!
Today we went to a and had an amazing time. It`s great for four boys to explore.
Clark has posted loads of photos on his blog
I have got more and hope to post them when the computer is fixed.
We are still planting out in the garden, we`ve now planted out tomatoes, broad beans and more asparagus.
We have got our LA man coming on Tuesday  so I spent yesterday writing reports. He is now officially retiring so it's the last time we will see him. I don't think we will have any more visits after this, I will just send a report in each year, we`ve been doing this for seven years now, if they don't know the way we work by now then they never will!
 In knitting news I have just finished  some bed socks for my sister for her birthday and I'm now knitting a baby's jumper for a friend who is having a baby.
Callum has finished knitting his Octopus and is hoping to post pictures on his blog soon. He hasn't posted for a while, keep a lookout though he hopes to post in the next few days.
 Well this tablet is really impressing me, I think I am going to have to look into getting one for myself!
It's Eurovision tonight so we have some nibbles to munch on so I am off to take the mickey watch that!


  1. I had been wondering where you were. Very interested in Education Otherwise. We did it for 6 months when we moved house twice, but both me and the children decided it wasn't for us and they went back to school when we moved here.

  2. Oh no! We had a virus on one of ours a while back, and it took an age to sort out.

  3. We can't fix it, we're bringing the one from our bedroom downstairs to be the main computer, well when Malc gets round to it! The one that's shot is about 10 yrs old anyway so maybe replacing it isn't a bad thing!