Monday, 19 January 2015

Frustration !

Following on from my last post, the first meeting went well. Neighbour has her own social worker and Neighbours son has his own social worker plus a community nurse. So you can imagine the amount of communication that has to go on to keep all parties up to date with events! Unfortunately and inevitably I think the communication hasn't been happening.
The second meeting was canceled but nobody told us, so I bounced down the road with notebook and pen in hand only to be told by N that she'd been rung and was told that I would be rung too, I wasn't !
After complaining to social services I was told somebody would ring! They haven't!
I came home from my Mums today to be told by Malc that another meeting for this afternoon had been canceled! A meeting that neither N or myself even knew was happening, even though it was in N's house and about N!
I honestly give up!
Our back garden fence has come down in the high winds of last week so today we've had some workmen out from out landlord and hopefully it'll be fixed at the end of this week.
We've blocked the gap with rabbit runs but the dogs seem to be more intelligent than we thought and have worked out how to get into next doors garden several times! They have three little Chihuahua type dogs and even though my dogs are friendly I often envisage one of my Staffies returning from their garden with just a little tail hanging out it's mouth!
So what have I been doing to relieve all this frustration? Why, knitting of course!
I've done these for my Mum who wanted them knitted for Eds Great-neice

I've also bought this pattern and I'm knitting this for Callum

With this wool.

It knits up beautifully, I've already knitted the back and front so just two sleeves and a hood to do. I hope to have pictures of the finished article by the end if the week.
Off to start those sleeves and await Broadchurch!


  1. Hope the social workers get their act together and sort things out for everyone soon. Nice Hoody!

    1. Still haven't had the meeting Sue, it's so annoying!

  2. Hope you get sorted out. I think I made a similar hoody many moons ago for my boys and they came up lovely.

    1. Thanks Mitzi. I'm really pleased with how the hoodie is looking x

  3. How frustrating, it's so annoying when the right hand doesn't know what the left's doing, never mind wasting your time. Love the jumper you're knitting for Callum and the yarn too. You'll have it finished in no time knowing you.

    1. It's becoming a bit of a joke between me and the lady I'm helping! At least we're laughing about it!
      Just doing the hood and then it'll be time to sew it up x

  4. Thanks Karen. I actually ended up V+ ing it as I forgot it was Winterwatch on at the same time! Watched it the next day though, gripping!!