Monday, 18 May 2015

White, two sugars please!

The man that Callum gardens for rang this morning to say that he had to go to the dentist this afternoon and would be out for several hours. He wondered if I could "pop" in on his wife and make her a cuppa about 3-30pm. As I usually go over to another neighbours and make her a cuppa whilst her son's at dialysis three afternoons a week it wasn't a problem to add her to the list.
Mum and Ed came back from a weekend away about dinner time so I went to change their bed for them as Eden had been staying there to look after their dogs, I was sure the bed would be full of crisp, sweet wrappers and crumbs!
The first thing Mum and Ed said after the dogs had jumped all over them was that they needed a cup of tea.
So I've figured on a new enterprise that I think could bag me a fortune. 
I'm going to be going round the roads on the estate with this trolley knocking on doors.

I'm not sure whether to get a bell like the ice cream van or just holler!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

What do you do?

What do you do on a very grey day when it's tipping down with rain?
Why bake of course!
Some butterfly cakes with a cherry

Smarties Victoria sandwich


Callum made ice cream

With chocolate milky stars

And smarties in.

The dogs walk was cancelled, it really was raining that hard!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Puppy Love

Nothing newsworthy been happening here, which is great in some ways, no drama, but rather boring when you write a blog!
Eden's got her AS 1 level exams over the next few weeks, she's currently on study leave and has been cramming all day.
I've done quite a bit of knitting but unfortunately forgot to take pictures!
Bank Holiday was spent dog walking which was smashing.
So I thought that I'd put up some pictures of the walks and of the new puppy so at least there was something new to look at!
Wareham Forest

Puppy love!

This was Aprils' first walk