Thursday 19 November 2020

Doesn't time fly?

 Years since I typed my last post.... over four in fact .

Eden has finished Uni....finished with a First in Microchemistry  , she did her four year Masters ...she is now living in London with her boyfriend , they have just moved into their first flat together .

Callum has  passed all his Horticulture  and Countryside Management exams...he finished college earlier this year...kept up his summer job until the end of October when the Holiday Camp closed .

He's having a few weeks off at the moment to decide what he wants to do...Covid is messing with the job market down here a lot.

Clark is at college..he did his GCSE's earlier this year and has gone back to do A levels...three sciences and Phycology.

Soloman and Cody  remain at home to be home schooled.

Meanwhile we are in the middle of painting our lounge and I'm trying  to finish knitting orders for Christmas 😳

Thursday 8 September 2016

My daughter, the rebel

We've sorted out Edens transport which will be a story for another day.
It's been a chaotic week, I've still been busy with Eden shopping for Uni, working and all the other stuff Mums have to do.
Karate and Cubs started again so several evenings a week are taken up.
We're away this weekend, Eden's dog sitting, I  haven't packed a thing yet!
My phone broke so I wasted a whole morning trying to find the cheapest one I could that would do what I needed it to.
In amongst all this Eden wanted me to go with her for a consultation for a tattoo. She's wanted one for a while and she's had the design all drawn out for ages.
The tattoo place wasn't very busy and said that they could do it straight away which shocked her a bit I think.
She ummed and ahhed a bit but she went for it.

She was really pleased with the result, I had to hold her hand whilst it was being done as the tattoo is right on the top of her spine where there are loads of nerve endings and she doesn't have any fat on her to cushion them.

She's got cream on it here so it looks a bit wet.
The symbols are Greek and mean things like "freedom, courage and peace".
She did tell me what they all meant but I can't remember. She took each triangular symbol and made her own design with them.
She's the first one in the family to get a tattoo, even Malc  who spent years in the Navy hasn't got one.
I like the fact that that she can wear her hair down and it can't be seen when it's not appropriate  but when she's out with mates or clubbing she can put her hair up and wear a lower backed top to show it off.

Sunday 4 September 2016

Broken Hearts

It's been a busy emotional few days. Edens boyfriend of over a year decided that he doesn't want a "long distance relationship" when she goes to University so he broke up with her.                                                             
Unfortunately she didn't see it coming as he was saying all the right things about visiting her and moving up to be with her in her second year.
It certainly knocked her sideways and she was incredibly upset.
The plan was that him and his parents were going to take her to Uni so that plan is no longer and we're having to sort something else out which is proving a bit difficult.
The mini bus will definitely not make it and neither will my old banger so we were looking at hiring a car, that means that we can't all go though.
I'm a very cautious driver so the thought of motorway driving scares me to death, it's a five hour drive which is a shock to the system when the furthest you drive is to Asda three miles away!
We would have to leave the two oldest boys here, Soloman will probably come with us but Cody is travel sick so would probably go to Grandmas for the day, I know he's going to want to come with us so that's a battle I'm not relishing.
We can't think of anyone that could drive her for us so I'm not sure what we're going to do at the moment. We've got three weeks so I'm sure it'll get sorted.
Meanwhile I've been trying to keep Eden busy, we've been shopping for a few things for her new room up there.  She's been scouring charity shops for CD's as she's not going to have a TV so she'll listen to music instead.
I'm exhausted! I'm use to coming home and relaxing, doing a bit of  knitting or crocheting, or a spot of gardening instead I've  been traipsing round shops trying to colour coordinate cushions and knick-knacks!
She's been arranging to meet up with friends who all seem to have an earlier starting date than her, one is off today and a few are going next week but she's not going until the 24th of this month.
Hopefully she'll get swept away with the excitement of going and that'll raise her spirits.
Who'd be a mum I ask myself?
The boys will be back to schoolwork next week so I've got a few projects sorted.
We're camping next weekend so I'm hoping to visit a place that ties in with one of our projects.
I think the boys are going to find it a bit of a shock sitting down and studying and the last six weeks have been full of playing with mates, building dens and climbing trees!
As for today, I'm hoping for a quiet, restful Sunday.
We shall see!

Monday 29 August 2016

The sun is back

Way to hot to walk the dogs today, I've done some more sitting in the garden, crocheting squares today.
As it's Bank Holiday most of the neighbours were up to something so I spent a couple of really quiet hours and managed to do six squares.
Cody and Soloman played with one of their friends and built this,

I have noticed that they are getting bigger, this one had two "rooms" inside.
Later this afternoon as neighbours returned home and more children were out playing the sprinkler was brought out again, so fun was had by all.
I'm now settling down in my armchair,crochet hook raring to go, let's see how many more squares I can make!

Sunday 28 August 2016

Feet in a bowl

It's cloudy today, typical Bank Holiday!
As it's a lot cooler than it has been of late we decided to give the dogs a walk before it heats up again.
We've had a couple of really light showers which are quite refreshing.
We've been out for nearly two hours and I'm now sitting in my chair, knitting bag beside me ready for when my feet have finished soaking in a bowl.

Not my feet I hasten to add, no mine are short and wide and the bowl isn't anything near as pretty, a blue washing up bowl I'm afraid! 
So you can see why I searched the 'net for a pretty picture.
You have been saved the scene, however the neighbour that came with us has been sent a snapchat of my actual feet in the actual bowl! You were spared,  believe me!

Saturday 27 August 2016

Children and water just don't mix!

After work yesterday I sat out in my front garden with my knitting bag watching lots of the neighbourhood children playing.
A couple of my neighbours came out and sat with me at various time and we enjoyed a cup of tea or ice cream together (I was out there for a fair while!)
One of the neighbours put a sprinkler on her hose and put it in the middle of the road. Luckily we live right at the end of it and there's no through traffic so we could move it if we needed to.

The little girl in the back of the picture actually laid down on the puddle she's sitting in and pretended to be a mermaid!

Unfortunately the neighbour is on a water meter so she only put it on for 20 minutes but they had so much fun in it.

Soloman had a sleep over last night at his friends house at the beginning of the road and had a great time. He's gone with his friend and Cody to a swimming pool today with his friends Mum.
They love this particular pool as they have a "fun hour" where they get out loads of inflatables and put the sprinklers on.
We've had a couple of showers today so I've had to get on with some housework! 
It's really hazy with oppressive heat and just not nice which is a shame.
Fingers crossed tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Can't wait for the storms!

More really hot weather here. I've been sat in the sunshine with my little band of knitters. Cody has now done five squares for #sixtymilliontrebles .
Here's one of them

I've got my circular needle out to knit another blanket.

The wool is cotton. I was given a bag of it a while ago and I thought the colours would go nicely for a blanket.
I've also now finished this for my friend whose baby is due at the beginning of next week.

I've done quite a few of these now. I've got one to finish off that I was knitting for my Mum to give to one of her friends whose daughter is due to have a baby at the beginning of September, I've had to wait for her to get another ball of wool as I'd run out.
The weathermen are saying we've got a lot of rain and some thunder and lightning due tonight and tomorrow.  I can't wait!

I hope it's a really good one that clears the air and cools everything down.
The neighbour that I help has been having various tests over the last couple of weeks. She's had some fluid taken off one lung as she can't seem to shift it, she's had some scans and Lung cancer has been mentioned. She's just rung me to say that she's got an appointment through for next Tuesday to get the results. So, positive vibes, prayers whatever you think appropriate would be greatly appreciated.  I really hope that it isn't bad news.
Haircuts are planned for tomorrow and although it's a Bank Holiday this Monday we've not got a lot planned for the weekend.  If the weather's not to hot or wet we may go on a few dogwalks with a picnic involved.
The two youngest are at a friends in his big pool, Cal and Clark have decided to go shopping with Malc so I have some time to myself and as I don't want to waste it I'm off to do some knitting.