Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Industrious couple of days!

Handing over all those jumpers and blankets on Tuesday to the lady from The Biggin Hill Romania Group seems to have inspired Callum and Clark. Callum has knitted two jumpers already to give to them along with numerous little handbags that I forgot to take a picture of! Must do that!
Clark has been crocheting squares, he did twelve of them and put four together and added two to each top square and sewed them together, then he did that again and voila you have a jumper!
If you look at the picture you'll probably get the idea better than reading my explanation!
He's now doing a pink one for one of my friends who has a 3 month old little girl. He's done the squares and sewn them together, he's just got to go round the openings with different colour just to finish it off. Again hopefully I'll take a picture when it's done!
I've also got a picture of all the boys with the bagged up jumpers before we delivered them.

What have I been knitting ? Well, you might ask! I have beem knitting a tank top for Callum in between numerous calls to the boys to help them out!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bad Blogger!!

I'm doing so much but I keep forgetting to take pictures with my camera and I also forget that I actually have a camera on my phone!
We went to a knitting handover for Samaritans Purse on Friday, we went last year and I posted some pictures so I've got some more this year. There are quite a few knitters who knit all year and we meet up usually in March to handover the garments we have made. It's usually hats, scarves, gloves, hand puppets, lots of little things to go in the shoeboxes.

Last year Samaritans Purse also took jumpers and blankets but unfortunately this year somebody somewhere! has decided they would have to pay tax on them to get it through different borders so they can't take them. We only found this out last week so I have been given nearly 200 jumpers and about 30 blankets to give to Biggin Hill Romania Group. They are in bin liners in my bedroom until they reply to my email!
Here's a photo of about half of them as we folded and counted them

I also said in my last post I would include a picture of the hats I've been knitting but again I kept forgetting to take photos! I managed to take this one, it's only about a third of them but the others were packed and gone before I remembered.
Hopefully I'll get better at this!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Funny Anecdote!

Did anyone watch " Spy in the Huddle"  It was about different breeds of penguins, cameras were put in pretend penguins, rocks and even pretend penguin eggs and they recorded the daily goings on of the breeds.
My children, particularly Soloman loves penguins so we watched this with great interest.
Monday morning we awoke to a very sparse layer of snow, it wasn't even worth getting the camera out for. One of the perks of home-ed is that you can work whenever you want and as we don't really get much snow we called school off so that the boys could play outside in it for a while.
Malcolm went outside to check on them only to find that they'd built a den behind the bins and put a load of snowballs there to make their "nest" Clark was waddling up the road with a load of twigs on his feet! When he was asked what he was doing he answered that the twigs were his egg and he wasn't allowed to drop it. He then came back to the "nest" and pretended to be sick. Soloman pretended to eat it. Apparently that is what the adult penguins do, bring up their food to feed their babies with! Malc and I did say that at least it showed that they had paid attention to the programme! That was after I'd dried the tears on my face and stopped laughing!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day !

So I hope you've all had a lovely Mothers Day. I was taken out for breakfast which was amazing and I haven't had to eat all day !
Our mini-bus has been fixed and my new washing machine has arrived and I've washed just about everything in the house. I am now walking round bedrooms trying to find things to wash!
Callum was out during the week and took some lovely pictures of the  Twin Sails Bridge.
Here's the best one .
We live quite near to it and are always going over it in the car. We have walked over it with the dogs but a couple of them didn't like it very much, I think they could feel the vibrations of the traffic going over!
The other bridge we have here is closed for three weeks after Easter, the new bridge has actually got stuck in the "up" position a couple of times causing chaos, so I hope it'll work ok. If not a lot of people aren't going to be very happy!
I've been knitting lots of hats over the past week so I hope to post a picture of them over the next week and give details on the charities that they will go to.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

It's not just me who's obsessed with knitting

 Here's Callum at Grandmas house. He takes his knitting everywhere with him

We've had a couple of days here. First the thermostat housing went on the car and then my washing machine broke down, thermostat housing arriving tomorrow and washing machine arriving on Tuesday ( fingers crossed ) Both of these happened on Thursday and then to cap it all we let the dogs out before going to bed on Thursday night, let them back in when Eden noticed her dog, Hexa was missing, so we searched and searched and searched! Malc went out in the mini-bus , Eden and Clark walked down to the field. My lovely neighbours joined the search with their dog who is the brother of Hexa ( Are you still following? ) They walked past outr back garden and said they'd heard a dog barking, Now we'd searched the back garden several times as we didn't feel she could get out anyway, but when you can't find something after searching the obvious you move to wider boundaries don't you?  So out we went to search again, looked in the playhouse, the shed, even though it was locked, under the rabbit hutches. Nowhere to be seen, Malc went out to look again after the neighbours had assured him that they had heard a dog barking. He found her,  IN THE RABBIT HUTCH!!!
So we were all so pleased to have found her when I suddenly thought about the rabbit, luckily the rabbit had bolted up the ramp to the top half of the hutch and the dog couldn't get up there. It seems the door to the hutch pushes in but once the dog was in she couldn't push the door outwards again!