Monday, 16 February 2015

Bargains, finished garments and Lego

As you know we're not conventional in this house so we went truly radical and had pancakes early! For breakfast on Saturday in fact!
We'll probably have them again on Tuesday.
Not that radical then?!

On Friday night Malc, Eden, Oscar and myself went out for a meal for Valentines, again we like doing things on the wrong day!
We had a lovely time.
We decided this weekend we would have a quiet one doing what we wanted as we're not all going to be together for nearly a week whilst Callum and I are in hospital.
So we went to a local charity shop where I found this

And this

£1 a ball, it's Aran, 30% wool and I found eight 100grms  balls of  blue and seven 100grms balls of heather. Absolute bargain!
I also finished knitting this, it's for one of the boys of my friend with the eleven children. He's a couple of years younger than Cody who is modeling for me. I have done the back and sleeves of the next one for another of her boys. They both have birthdays in March.

Then we went to The Courtyard Centre, a place that I've mentioned before where there is the best wool shop ever! I bought some of this to do another hoodie for Soloman who has a birthday in April.
He chose the colour himself.

There's also a lovely toy shop there that sells some fantastic puzzles and Lego sets, the boys all bought some of the latter.
So the rest of Saturday afternoon was spent at the table

Making these

And these.

We went out for breakfast on Sunday morning at our favourite place where all the boys eat free so we only pay for Malc and myself.
The afternoon was spent doing some jobs like the bathroom and catching up on the washing and ironing to help Malc whilst I'm away.
Callum and I have packed a few things. 
I probably won't be around for a week or so as there's no WiFi on Callums ward! Good job we both knit!
So I'll see you the other side!

Monday, 9 February 2015

They found it!

Callums brain that is!

We were back at Southampton Hospital this morning, it's only nine days until Cals operation and he had to have a baseline of messages to his spine done.
It was an early start as we had to be there at 9-30am, the traffic was awful but we did get there in time.
Cal had electrodes put on his newly cut (number one clippers!) hair and one put on his ankle, a signal was sent to stimulate his toes into twitching.
Then the signals are measured so that they get a baseline to work with during his op.
Now this is the fascinating but also absolutely terrifying bit.
They need this baseline so that when they are operating and working from the bottom of the spine from the top they will check the signal from the brain through to the ankle through the spine to make sure that there's no damage on the part they've just worked on!
Truly amazing!
I'm really trying to focus on the positives of this, he needs this operation, but my " Mummy  Head " is having a field day.
I'll be glad when it's all over and done with and we're back home.
On the plus side we're all learning an awful lot about bones and operating procedures at the moment!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Party pictures.

They are nearly two weeks late but here we go!
Eden and her best friend

Eden has three male best friend (including her boyfriend)

Oddly enough her boyfriend isn't the one she's kissing!!

More kisses

I've met most of Edens friends but I'd never met these three before, they were beautiful inside and out.

A picture of everyone

These two danced with Soloman  and Cody all night

I think I said before that they set up a photo booth sort of thing, they used a black piece of material and made flowers to go over it.

Eden had her first driving lesson this evening, she thoroughly enjoyed it. She was so excited before she left.
Where have all those years gone?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Two snowmen and a snowdog!

The boys were up again and dressed by 7-30am and playing out the front with some of the children that live in the road before those children had to go to school.
One of the pros of homeschooling is that we can take advantage of snow events and the boys played out all morning.
They made these.
One snowman

Another snowman

And a snowdog!

A picture of all three

Edens school called at about 11-30am saying she was ill so could we go and pick her up, which we did.
Apparently she couldn't stop sneezing and the teacher told her to go to the medical room as she was distracting the class! They couldn't stop laughing at her!
To make matters worse she went outside to wait for Malc to pick her up and there were a couple of Yr 7's there playing in the snow and one of them hit her with a snowball! She was not amused!
So she's tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle.
Hopefully she'll feel better as she's got a Maths mock "A" level tomorrow followed by her first driving lesson straight from school.
We were at Southampton Hospital yesterday with Callum for his pre assessment for his operation which is in a couple of weeks.
The operation will last about five hours but with them setting up and recovery we won't see him for about eight hours.
He'll be in ITU for one night and then hopefully be back on the children's ward.
He was really good yesterday as it's been an uphill struggle to get him to acknowledge that he's having the op, let alone talk about it!
I will be staying in with him as it's too far to come home and back every day, Malc will come up a couple of times to visit but he'll be there all day of the op.
Thankfully Eden will be on Half Term so she's going to look after the other boys for us.
The children all bicker and argue but I love the fact that they all pitch in and help when it's needed in a situation like this.
In knitting news I've finished crocheting a tunic for my Mum and some more bedsocks for a friend, unfortunately I packed them both off before I thought to take a photo!
I'm now doing some premature baby hats for Joes charity.
I'm now going to blog hop to look at everyones snowmen!

Good mother/ bad mother or just plain mad?!

We really don't get much snow in Dorset.
That's why I woke the boys up at 4am so they could see this.

I think it may be all gone by the morning!