Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Busy weekend

I knew we were going to be busy,  what with ferrying children everywhere and normal weekend activities.
We went to our fave place for breakfast on Sunday, Mum and Stepdad treated us as a thank you for all the help we gave them when Ed was in hospital which was really nice.
I made a birthday cake on Sunday as it was Mum and Malc's birthday on Monday. Unfortunately I left it in the oven for too long and it burnt! I put it on a rack to cool anyway because I thought I could cut off the burnt edge and the boys would probably eat it with some custard.
Unfortunately our lovely puppy April had other ideas and as she has lovely long lurcher legs she managed to reach it and eat half of it!
I got a bit disheartened and thought  I would buy one instead on Monday but when I woke in the morning I had a chat with myself and decided to have another go.
Birthday cakes in Asda are between £10 and £15 and I thought that's so much money, the frugal amongst you would be proud of me!
Anyway, this one turned out a lot better so Cody and I buttercreamed it and decorated it.

Mum and Ed came up later in the afternoon and we had a takeaway for tea, so a lovely day was had by all.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fit enough to shop

I woke this morning feeling much better, I've got a silly cough but that's all.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Eden has a Saturday/holiday job at a chemist quite local to us. She has a very enthusiastic boss who wants to send her on all sorts of courses which she's very happy to do.
So she went off to work this morning, Malc, Callum and Clark went to the bimonthly men's breakfast at our local church.
Meanwhile I had a lovely soak in a hot bubbly bath whilst Soloman and Cody watch some kids TV.
So the weekend started quietly and gently in this house, which is very unusual!
After lunch Callum,Clark and Cody came out with us.
Cody has been on about buying himself a phone mainly to play games on as he's never really without us to have the need to ring or text.
As they earn their own money helping myself or Malc at work I've tried to say to myself that it's their money to spend on what they wish. Sometimes I have to speak up if I think  they're buying absolute rubbish but I try and leave them to it so they can learn the value of making good/bad decisions.
He seems to think  he's made a good decision so I'm crossing my fingers that he takes care of it.
Callum was keen to go to B&Q as he wanted to buy himself an Orchid as one of his clients has a few and he's been teaching Callum how to look after them.
He also managed to find some other plants that were in the sale as they were a bit bedraggled but with a good water and some TLC they'll bloom.
Then onto my favourite bit, I visited my favourite shop for some wool.
I want to knit Callum a chunky hoodie and also one for my friends little boy.

Callum chose the colour he wanted.
I then found some Christmas coloured wool and couldn't resist.
Last year Callum made some little stockings and pegged them with little pegs onto a crocheted chain and they looked great, so this year I thought I would give it a go. Callum used red wool with a few rows of white around the top of the stocking but I thought this would look good in variegated Christmas colours.
I also found this little caption on the internet which I thought was most appropriate!

Friday, 24 July 2015

To bring you up to date

So much has gone on that it would take me ages to type it all out so I'll just tell you the basics.
Neighbours son had an incident with a nurse dislodging a needle which resulted in him having to have two operations on his arm and having to be in hospital for two weeks which meant lots of extra work looking after his Mum.
He came home on the Saturday and my Stepdad went into hospital on the Sunday for eight days, which meant lots of looking after my Mum and taking her to hospital every other day. He's been diagnosed with Crohns disease.
Stepdad came out but was quite tired all the time so it's been a couple of weeks of me making them dinners and being there every day.
Things are just getting back to normal now.
In the middle of that Eden and her boyfriend of eight months broke up, apparently he wasn't " feeling it " any more!
It was a total surprise for her as she didn't see it coming so we had a few days of tears. It's so hard as a Mum to help in a situation like that, there's absolutely nothing you can do other than soothe and cuddle them.
We all had a virus going round us one by one which I seem to have succumbed to today.
Despite this we've had some nice dog walks
Malc and Callum

Soloman and Cody tree climbing

Clark tree climbing,

During the summer we have fireworks arranged by our tourism board for six weeks during the summer holidays.
We met up with some friends and went to see them last night.
They put on loads of free activities for everyone.
Although these are aimed at younger children Eden decided she'd have a go at skipping,

We also went to a farm fun day where the youngest two had a great time on some inflatables.

So I think that about brings you up to date.
We have quite a busy weekend planned, it's Malcs and my Mums birthday next Monday so we have lots of preparations to sort out.
More photos for the next post then!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Normal service will resume

Hopefully soon.
Things have been pretty mad here for the last few weeks.
As usual I've been running around after everyone but I hope to explain more soon.
Until then here's some Jelly Babies I've been knitting

Got to go,  time for the dye to come off my hair!