Tuesday, 26 August 2014


My step dad made an amazing recovery from what was apparently a mini-stroke. He was home after dinnertime the next day. He's made a brilliant recovery and has been left with a very slight weakness in his left leg but it really is very, very slight and not noticeable.
He's a very lucky man.
Clark is doing fine, he's going longer between pain relief but he's very bored!
I wanted to update as I'm not going to be posting until at least after the weekend and I know when I read certain things about people being ill I often think  of them and wonder how they're getting on.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Another middle of the night post!

Thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes after yesterdays post.
Clark is feeling much better today although he's still on quite a lot of pain relief.
Some pictures of him yesterday after his operation. It all seems so long ago!

I worked this morning and then this afternoon we all got ready to go out to our favourite restaurant for a celebration of Edens exams and just to have a jolly good time after the stressful time we've had this week.
We surprised Eden with a much needed laptop to help with her A levels as she has nothing other than her iPod which isn't a lot of good for schoolwork.
Some pictures of the night,

We had such a great time, Eden was thrilled with the laptop and having fun was such a welcome relief after the past couple of days.
We'd been home about half an hour when we got a call from lifeline which is something used by a lot of people for if they fall over or have an accident. They will call you an ambulance and call a nominated person to let then know what's happened.
I am the nominated person for my Mum.
They rang me and  told me that my Mum had rung them as my step dad was having a stroke, they'd called an ambulance and were informing me. So Malc and I went dashing round there. A first responder arrived and then an ambulance.
I went with Ed to A & E, Mum and Malc followed on in a taxi.
Unfortunately my Mums not able to get up into our mini bus as the step is too high and we aren't insured on her car as she has one under the mobility scheme and they're very strict on who can drive it.
It seems Ed has had a TIA, he's had one before and a stroke, his last TIA was very mild. Apparently this one is a bit more severe.
It's a mini stroke and the symptoms usually go within 24 hours.
Anyway Ed's on a ward on the stroke unit, we left Mum safely at home and got home ourselves at about 1am.
I'm to wired to sleep although I'm shattered.
Poor Eden ended her celebrations by looking after the boys.
I'm so proud of her and the boys, this week has been a nightmare for them but they've all stepped up to the mark and pulled together. Callum did some ironing to keep himself busy which also helps me.
I feel so sorry for Clark. I know he doesn't really need his Mum that much but I so want to make a fuss of him and look after him at the moment.
Anyway I'd better try and get some sleep, I think it's going to be another busy day tomorrow!

Friday, 22 August 2014

The girl did good and two broken bones!

Eden collected her results today, she did amazingly well, she got 6A*'s, 4A's and a B in English Language. We've since found out that she was 2 points off an A grade in her English Language. She was gutted when she found that out.
She got 100% in Religion and Philosophy.
She can now go on to do her A levels in Maths, Chemistry, physics and Biology.
Unfortunately her day was overshadowed somewhat by the fact that Clark broke his arm in two places last night.
We'd decided to get chips from the chippie for tea so Malc went down with Callum and Clark who decided to run from the mini bus to see who could be the first to get into the chippie and Clark went flying. I received a phone call from Malc to say that he was pretty sure his arm was broken so off to A and E we went.
Three xrays later  we came home with a lad with both the lower bones in his left arm broken, one fracture was displaced and would possibly need an op and a chance that his elbow was broken too. We got home at 1am only to have to be back at 7am the next morning.
After a very difficult and fraught day today what with lack of sleep, worry and guilt over Edens results day as I was meant to be going with her, we got home about sixish.
Clark's had one of the bones plated with six pins, the displaced fracture  manipulated and was in quite a lot of pain. Thankfully they decided this morning that his elbow was fine.
We've had a day of lots of medical people contradicting each other, me not being able to go to recovery to see him as there was not enough staff available to take me down there, the bone doctor that discharged us wasn't even able to answer Clark's question of where the cut was and on which side of his arm it was where the plate went in even though she'd "read his notes"
Unfortunately he has to go and have the plate taken out again in about six weeks and I'm dreading that he'll have to go back to the same ward.
Here's a picture of him at about 6am before we left to have his operation.

He's smiling away, little did he know what the day would hold!
So a very mixed bag of a day leaving me yet again up through the night not being able to sleep.
Tomorrow or should I say today we have got quite a busy day, I have to work and then hopefully this evening we are going out for a meal with my parents to celebrate Edens results providing that Clark's up to it. We've got some surprises for her.
So hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post some pictures and continue with the up and down saga that is my life!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cards and cakes

Today was NS's birthday, so after doing my hours work there this morning I came home did some ironing, had lunch and then we all went visiting with a card and cake for him.
The cake was made by Clark and I did the buttercream, mainly because Clark decided he'd had enough of cooking and wanted to go outside and play with his brothers and all their mates!
I made the card too. I've not made any for ages!

When we got home I had to finish off the ironing (yes, there really was that much there!)
The boys were meant to go to karate but Soloman and Cody didn't feel to good so Clark walked there and back by himself.
Eden's at a summer party, the band she's in are playing. She's just rung to say that her friends Mum is giving her a lift home so Malc doesn't have to turn out later tonight.
Off to watch Holby City!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dentist and a family day.

Callums teeth have been very crooked for quite a few years but the dentist has been very reluctant to give him braces because of his age and giving his mouth time to grow and his teeth time to straighten.
He had an appointment on Saturday morning and it seems the dentist can wait no longer.
The bad news is that he's got to have four teeth out between now and the end of October and then after having time for his mouth to heal he will be fitted for braces in the New Year which he will have to wear for two and a half years. He will then have to wear a retainer at night for a while.
He was not a happy lad!!
There are quite a few things he'll not be able to eat and drink whilst he has the braces on either as it's hard to clean your teeth properly and certain things can stain your teeth under the braces.
Poor thing, what with his back operation looming and now this, it doesn't seem to be his year!
Today my sister came round with my nephew unexpectedly and had a quick lunch with us and as we were going to my Mums they came with us.
So it was tea and cakes all round!
Malc has extra work on this week and so has gone out delivering with three of the boys.
I had a lovely soak in the bath and am currently being entertained by Cody doing forward somersaults and handstands  as he's been influenced by watching "Tumble" last night.
Peter Duncan is sixty! Who knew?!
I'm leaving you with the latest puppy blanket I've crocheted for my Mum.
I can't wait for Mum to pick her up and then I can take a picture of her snuggled up in it. Only two weeks!

Friday, 15 August 2014


My sister-in-law has had her cream tea as I said in my last post.
Here's a picture of her and enjoying it.

It certainly looked scrummy.
Our local council puts on entertainment at our local quay Thursday nights for holiday makers and locals alike for six weeks during the school summer holidays.
We always try to go once or twice when they are on as the children absolutely love going. So last night we met some friends down there and watched the street entertainment which included live music and fire-eaters.
My friend has an eleven week old baby so he was my entertainment!
We ate ice cream, drank coke and found ourselves a lovely bench to sit on whilst waiting for the fireworks to begin.
We sat watching some lightening in the distance in the darkening sky which was weird as it was just in one place
The fireworks last for about 20 minutes and never disappoint, last night was no exception.
My pictures are rubbish because my camera actually takes the picture about five seconds after you press the button!

Some of them were huge, the firework would explode and you were waiting for the huge bang to follow seconds later!
Today I have worked for two clients, the boys have played on a neighbours bouncy castle for most of the day.
Eden is off to a party tonight, she won't be back to until tomorrow lunchtime.
I'm planning on spending  the evening crocheting a blanket for my Mums new puppy. I have knitted one already but I forgot to take a picture of it!
I hope you have a good weekend whatever you are doing.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A party, a haircut and some pictures.

I can't believe how quickly the week and a half has gone since my sister-in-laws party
Some pictures

The party girl

My youngest brother and his long standing girlfriend

My younger sister
We all had a great time and danced the night away. It's been ages since we were altogether.
Eden sang and played her guitar and my brother uploaded a video onto Facebook, once I figure out how to upload it onto my tablet I hope to post it on here!
She's also been the  reason that I'm up at this time of the morning, as she's on a sleepover and usually texts me about 10 ish to say goodnight but I guess she's having so much fun that she's forgotten.
I've woken up and can't get back to sleep, Malc has very kindly made me a cup of tea. I'll have a look round the internet and tire myself out!
We have also had a couple of nice dog walks now that the weather's cooler.
I have also had my hair cut into a bob. I had about 4 inches cut off as I was always wearing it up anyway. I have also had my nails done and I now have some very long false ones on! Again I have a picture on Clark's phone, I just have to Bluetooth it over to me, so that's a picture for another post.
Here's a picture to end with.
Cody and Tyxall just chillin' earlier today, laying on the sofa and watching TV

* A note added to say that my sister-in-law has had her afternoon tea last Sunday and she loved it!*

Friday, 1 August 2014

A night out

It's my sister-in laws 50th birthday tomorrow and we are all going to a family party.
I've been out tonight to get a new top for it.
They are having a live band but Eden's singing a set with her guitar when the main band are having a break.
So, what do you get for a present?
I have been racking my brains! I didn't want to get the usual flowers, bottle of wine or chocolates.
My brother and sister in law go to this place quite a lot.

It's run by an old schoolfriend of ours and her partner.
They do an afternoon tea which includes sandwiches, scone, cake and tea or coffee, so as it's one of their favourite places I thought I would get them a voucher for one.
Their PR picture for it

Our friend is actually in the picture pouring the tea!
So we thought we'd pay them a visit to go and get the voucher.
I have already wrapped it up but I should have taken a picture because what they do is  make the voucher up on their computer with a picture of their pub/restaurant and on it it says that the voucher is for Sally to have an afternoon tea for two to celebrate her 50th birthday and it is signed with all our names on it and then laminated.
It looks so much better than a paper voucher that you put in a card.

Cody, Soloman and Ed enjoying a coke there last night.
I had a couple of ciders and regretted it during the early hours of this morning as I had a really vivid nightmare which I found it hard to get back to sleep from.
Some of you may noticed that I commented on your posts about 3am this morning! That's what I was doing whilst trying to rationalize that the dogs would go ballistic if somebody tried to enter our house as somebody did in my dream!
Malc also reiterated that before he went back to his snoring!!
Eden and I have made some birthday cards for Sally today, again I've forgotten to take pictures!
Clark is back by midday tomorrow and he will probably to have at least a couple of baths to get rid of the field he's camping in before we go out tomorrow night.
So be warned lots of pictures of us in our gladrags on the next post!