Friday, 24 July 2015

To bring you up to date

So much has gone on that it would take me ages to type it all out so I'll just tell you the basics.
Neighbours son had an incident with a nurse dislodging a needle which resulted in him having to have two operations on his arm and having to be in hospital for two weeks which meant lots of extra work looking after his Mum.
He came home on the Saturday and my Stepdad went into hospital on the Sunday for eight days, which meant lots of looking after my Mum and taking her to hospital every other day. He's been diagnosed with Crohns disease.
Stepdad came out but was quite tired all the time so it's been a couple of weeks of me making them dinners and being there every day.
Things are just getting back to normal now.
In the middle of that Eden and her boyfriend of eight months broke up, apparently he wasn't " feeling it " any more!
It was a total surprise for her as she didn't see it coming so we had a few days of tears. It's so hard as a Mum to help in a situation like that, there's absolutely nothing you can do other than soothe and cuddle them.
We all had a virus going round us one by one which I seem to have succumbed to today.
Despite this we've had some nice dog walks
Malc and Callum

Soloman and Cody tree climbing

Clark tree climbing,

During the summer we have fireworks arranged by our tourism board for six weeks during the summer holidays.
We met up with some friends and went to see them last night.
They put on loads of free activities for everyone.
Although these are aimed at younger children Eden decided she'd have a go at skipping,

We also went to a farm fun day where the youngest two had a great time on some inflatables.

So I think that about brings you up to date.
We have quite a busy weekend planned, it's Malcs and my Mums birthday next Monday so we have lots of preparations to sort out.
More photos for the next post then!


  1. Aww we too have had a teen romance break - my boy and his gf are no more. I was more bereft than he!
    Those inflatables look fun! Happy Summer x

    1. I know, I really liked him. We were all shocked. I was angry on her behalf. I don't think I'm going to be able to take all the heartache of the upcoming romances of my children!

  2. You sound as if you've had quite a time of it! I can sympathise with your stepdad as I've had Crohns for the last 25years, you learn to live with it, only had major surgery once. Im able to keep it under control with diet when I have a flare up.
    Poor Eden she must have been distraught, hope shes ok now. Lots of lovely plans For the summer sounds great fun! Enjoy yourselves xxx

    1. He's got to see his consultant in a few weeks and is hoping to avoid a temporary colostomy. He is controlling it with his diet at the moment. It seems to be working.
      Eden's much better now thanks.
      Hopefully we'll get some nice weather and be able to enjoy the summer x

  3. Hi Bridget, I was so happy to see this catch-up post. I've been a "silent reader" here for a while now. It sounds like you've been flat-out busy! I hope the rest of your summer is relaxing and uneventful, but as a mother of five myself, I know that's pretty wishful thinking!

    I am amazed at how much we have in common. Besides five kids, I also home educate my children, and we have lots of pets. Currently there are two dogs, a cat, parakeets, a corn snake, hamster, fish, and chickens. I also educate my children at home.

    I hope you feel better and have an opportunity to post again soon.

    1. Hi Susan, I've just popped over to your blog and it would seem we do have a lot in common. I've bookmarked it to read as you update (no pressure!)
      I love the socks you knit.
      Thank you for reading and commenting x

  4. You seem to have been very busy! Hope all the relatives are OK in the long run as it seems to be a worrying time for people's health at the moment. I can't believe that I have managed to get two girls to 19 and 16 without having any boyfriends to worry about yet, so I have all that to come!! Sending hugs and hoping you are able to get some rest in the midst of all of this x

    1. Thanks Morgan, everybody seems to be sorting themselves out.
      Life seems to have peaks and troughs doesn't it?

  5. Lovely to see you back blogging after your hectic time. Sorry about Eden and the boyfriend, as you say nothing much you can say. With two girls it seemed to happen a lot, I used to say " do you want the fish in the sea speech?" which was no help at all!
    Boys don't seem to get quite so serious so early.
    I hope everything settles down and you are still knitting.

    1. Thanks Sue. Definitely still knitting. I sewed buttons onto three cardigans that I just finished knitting. Forgot to take a photo though and I've wrapped them all.

  6. Oh my word, Bridget. Lovely to have you back but oh my what a time of it you have had! Sorry to hear about all the illness on all fronts.
    Poor Eden, its so hard for them to go through and for us mama's too. Its good to see you were all able to get out and about a bit and still do some nice things.
    Hope you are feeling better xxx