Thursday, 24 March 2016

Another Birthday

Stepdad this time. Ed was 70 on Monday. We were booked to go out for lunch after I'd taken Ed to hospital for a scan and brought him home. Cody was looking after Grandma. Unfortunately we returned to Mums house to Cody throwing up everywhere!
Plans were cancelled and rebooked for today, luckily it must have been something he ate as nobody else has had it ( she hastily touches something wooden! )
Ed blowing out his candles.

I had made him a cake but it wouldn't last until today so we had to make do with a shop bought one.
Soloman sucking a lime, as you do!

Callum being "cool"

Eden was with us but she doesn't like her photo taken unless it's a selfie!
Clark has been out visiting the seaside with a friend all day. He should be home soon, I should think he'll be blue, it's freezing here today.


  1. I chuckled when I got to the sentence about Eden! Happy 70th to your step dad X

  2. Haha, the line about Eden made me chuckle too. Happy birthday to your Stepdad, looks like he is feeling much better x