Friday, 1 April 2016

All work and no play

Makes Jack a dull boy! That's me, Jack!
Easter was peaceful,  had some nice dog walks. This week has been really busy, helping neighbour, helping Mum, housework, keeping track of young lads going to the park, to their "tree camp" and going down to the backwaters.
I have however managed to knit this

Since this picture was taken I've also knitted the two sleeves and I'm halfway up the front, so hopefully the next picture will be of a completed hoodie.


  1. It sounds like Easter was the calm before the storm, lots of activity for you this week. I like the colours you're using for the hoodie, I'm sure you'll have just about finished it by now, you're such a quick knitter.

  2. Bless you! Its hard being the go-to person for everyone and sometimes you just need your own time and space. I love the colours on your hoodie.

    We finally passed on those gorgeous knits you sent us for H this week to a family who are adopting twin girls - thankyou again for all of them and all the use Hannah got out of them. xx