Thursday 19 November 2020

Doesn't time fly?

 Years since I typed my last post.... over four in fact .

Eden has finished Uni....finished with a First in Microchemistry  , she did her four year Masters ...she is now living in London with her boyfriend , they have just moved into their first flat together .

Callum has  passed all his Horticulture  and Countryside Management exams...he finished college earlier this year...kept up his summer job until the end of October when the Holiday Camp closed .

He's having a few weeks off at the moment to decide what he wants to do...Covid is messing with the job market down here a lot.

Clark is at college..he did his GCSE's earlier this year and has gone back to do A levels...three sciences and Phycology.

Soloman and Cody  remain at home to be home schooled.

Meanwhile we are in the middle of painting our lounge and I'm trying  to finish knitting orders for Christmas 😳

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