Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Today's drama!

Went over to N's at 10 am and managed to completely clean her washing machine. I am doing her washing at mine at the moment but I hope to give her machine a run through tomorrow and check it isn't leaking or anything with a view to using hers in the near future.
Got home and put a slow cooker on for tea, sweet and sour chicken, yum, yum.
About 12-30 a man knocked on my door, he'd been sent over by N as he was there to clean her loo!
Now yesterday the social worker rang me and told me it would be cleaned on Friday at 12 ish so I was not a happy bunny as I was just about to go shopping.
I rang the lady in question and left her a scathing message saying somebody somewhere had got the time wrong and that I do actually have a life!
The toilet was sorted anyway, it is now sparkling and I will be able to maintain it.
I haven't rang the social worker back to say it's all been done and OK, she can jolly well ring me!
Malc went shopping with a couple of the boys whilst I was there.
Eden then came home with a couple of friends to wash and hoover out the bus. They've put lots of blankets over the seats and strung up butterfly fairy lights inside. I personally think they're a bit of a waste of time as the prom starts at 7pm and it will still be light, they are going to an after party a couple of roads away so we won't be picking them up.
We had tea and I went over to N's for 7pm as the carer would be arriving. We had a phone call at about 7-10pm to say she was running late which is a first. They usually don't let you know and you're sat there waiting!
By 8-45 pm we were getting a bit annoyed so I rang them back only to be told that the carer was caught up with a lady who was waiting for a paramedic so we decided to cancel her for tonight. Goodness knows what time she would have turned up.
The time spent there was put to good use though as we had a lovely chat and I've completely cleaned the kitchen windowsill and got down the net to wash and hopefully hang back up tomorrow.
I'm now off to my bed shattered after another busy day.
On a lighter note one of my friends has asked if the boys would like to earn some money on Sunday by going to her stables and picking up the horse poo!!
We do like to be different in this house!!


  1. Oh Bridget you must be exhausted. I'm sure N appreciates everything you are doing she is very lucky to have you to hand. Look after yourself too though as without you at the helm the ship will sink. Night night God bless hope tomorrow proves to be a better day.

  2. Well Bridget. As a retired Social Worker (sticking my head above the parapet here!) I would love to tell you what really happens in situations like this and the HUGE constraints and difficulties felt by the service. I could make some pretty good guesses as to what has happened in the past and what the future might hold too. But that would take an awful long time and you probably wouldn't want to listen at the mo. What I WILL say is to look after yourself and please dont "Put yourself at the helm" of a ship that you had no knowledge of only a short time ago. Visits are few, so don't double-up, go at a time that a carer isn't there, that way she is visited twice. be aware that more visits from carers might mean more cost to this woman, very few services are free nowadays. The son also appears to be the carer. The local carer's group might support him too. I do hope so. Could you enlist neighbours to take a turn as they are showing an interest? What I am trying to say is - Spread the load or you will burn out. You have been so warm-hearted and I am sure you want to continue to help this family. Look after yourself ( I will probably regret "coming out" as a Social Worker)

  3. Oh Bridget, due heed what Gill says. I know from experience that it is all too easy to get drawn in so deep that it takes over your life, until you no longer have a life. Your caring nature is a credit to you but you must care for yourself first. if you become exhausted you will be of no help to N or your family. Pam

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  5. It really does sound as though you've got your hands full here, you're going to end up wearing yourself out. You really must look after yourself and not try to do too much, I'd be shattered if I took on as much as you're doing. N is so lucky to have you.

  6. Let the family pamper you this weekend and put your feet up!

  7. I echo Kath there Bridget. N is very mucky to have you!

  8. Ditto from me. Take care of yourself too, Bridget, you have a heavy load of care already with your own family and if you're not careful N will come to rely on you so much that it will be difficult to scale down your visits even when things have improved for her. Also Social Services might not put into operation a proper care package if they think you're willing to pick up the slack.

  9. Oh goodness Bridget, it must have been incredibly hard to maintain composure when you were feeling so frustrated. I do have some sympathies with social workers as often they are under internal pressures but honestly, if they at least appeared to have compassion it would be a start *sigh*