Thursday, 26 June 2014

It's Prom Night

Thank you for all your caring comments yesterday, it's very comforting to know that people care.
Today I went to clean at my Mums whilst they are away.
Eden has been staying there and although she had hoovered through and washed the floors my eager eyes spotted a few things that hadn't been moved so the hoover had to come out again. She did try though, bless her!
Went to N's to do my hour, she's had her hair cut and styled and I've got a couple of new tops for her, she did pay me to before anyone thinks I've gone completely mad!
She looks a million dollars and is so much happier.
I came home and had a shower and blow dried my hair and changed into something other than "cleaning clothes" so that I could use the bathroom before Eden and friends took it over.
We picked up three friends and then went to another house where another eleven teenagers were waiting for us. The mum at that house had put on a little soirée, so I drank champagne and ate some nibbles, Malc was on orange juice as he was driving. It was lovely chatting to the other parents and taking some pictures.
We left and took them to the prom, they all looked smashing, the girls in their gorgeous dresses and the lads in their suits.
We had to pick up Mums dogs on the way home to take to our house as Eden isn't there tonight but is going to an after party and won't be seen until tomorrow dinnertime.
Although I'm slightly concerned I'm going to get a call from A &E saying she has a broken ankle from tripping over in her four inch heels!!
It's been another busy but lovely day, I count my lucky stars that I have five beautiful, healthy children, a supportive husband, loving parents and great friends.
Onto the pics,
A close up,

Eden and Gazza, ( she has a beautiful name but I can't spell it! It's pronounced Shan-gar-vie. We just call her Gazza!

Eden and a couple of friend decorated up the bus with butterfly lights and covers. This afternoon we put a white rose on every seat

Eden, Gazza and Jess

Eden, Jess, Gazza and Catherine, drinking champagne

Most of the group, aren't they a good looking lot?


  1. The girls look absolutely lovely. What a delight to see young ladies dressed modestly, without a ton of makeup. I might be an old fuddy duddy (at 55 LOL) but I can;t bear the way most youngsters show "all they've got".
    Well done girls, your hair loose and natural looks very pretty too.

  2. Eden looked beautiful in her dress and they all looked very smart didn't they. It seems a lifetime ago now since my big three had their proms but lots of happy memories. Hope she had a great night and that you didn't get a phone call from A & E after such a busy day.

  3. Ahhh, they all look fabulous. I hope they all had a brilliant night and party afterwards. I think it was a wonderful gesture to place a rose on each of the seats.

  4. I hope they had a lovely evening They all look so good

  5. Don't they all look lovely. I remember my girls going to their proms, everyone always seemed to end up round here to get ready and we could hardly breathe for the fumes of hairspray, deodorant and perfume. And I remember those heels...its a wonder no one was crippled. DS2 did end up with a broken nose at his prom when someone accidentally elbowed him in the face while they were 'moshing'. Oooops! Maybe I shouldn't have told you that until Eden gets back safe and well from a wonderful evening. Hope she has a great time. Love, Helen x

  6. I sighed. Like Helen I remember my now at Uni daughter going to the prom all glamorous and beautiful. My son never went to his, because that would mean him leaving his lair and socialising!! Thanks for popping by my little blog. It's always good to find new ones to follow x

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  8. Wow! Eden looks beautiful and all set. I'm sure she had an amazing time with a crackin' trip to boot. Proms are about journeys, after all and really a part of growing up. The group picture looks so candid and intimate. They seem like a really great bunch of friends. Thanks for sharing! All the best!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limousine Of Indianapolis

  9. Eden looked beautiful. What lovely memories she'll have of this day :)

  10. looks so beautiful and amazing dresses! I hope they had a lovely evening.
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