Monday, 22 December 2014

Last pair of bedsocks!

These are my favourite, they look blue/red but they are actually green/red and the red wool has a lovely glitter effect running through it.
I've got some of both wools left, they are both 4ply so I knitted them together so they would come out as double knit.
I'm saving what's left to knit some prem baby hats, it's one of my projects for next year. I thought they would be good for next Christmas. How many of you took a sharp intake a of breath then? NEXT Christmas! Let's get through this one first!
My next project is two boleros for my cousin in Germany who had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. My Mum wants me to knit them so she can send them off.
This morning was spent working at my neighbours and my Mums, this afternoon I went to another neighbour who has been a close friend for over 14 yes, she had her son 6 weeks before me and we met through her becoming my Avon lady and we've been firm friends since.
I enjoyed a couple of coffees, her three children were all out so her house was so peaceful, apart from us nattering that is!
Eden is still very poorly and can hardly talk, bless her.
So bed and a hot water bottle have been prescribed with the odd paracetamol. There's not a lot you can do with this sort of virus other than ride it out!
Off to get out my needles and cast on!

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  1. I love woolly socks. Another of those things my gran used to knit for us as children.