Sunday, 21 December 2014

T'is the season........

To be baking,

I've also made loads of mince pies but I forgot to take a picture of them and as you all know food does not last long in this house!

To also be madly knitting Christmas presents.....

I've actually knitted two of these,

I love knitting this pattern, it's so pretty,

A blanket for my neighbour to go over her legs when she goes out in her wheelchair.

Lots of socks for my Mum who hates slippers but gets cold feet sitting in her chair. She's taught her Yorkie to pull them off for her.

I'm hoping to finish the last pair this evening, they're very Christmassy and my favourite pair, hopefully you'll get a picture before Christmas.
My long absence is partly due to illness, I was ill myself for nearly two weeks and having so many people in the house means that every couple of days somebody new goes down with it and it just goes on and on.
Eden is the latest victim, Cody is still unwell and Clark seems to be very recently recovered.
The worse thing was trying to work through it because I didn't want to let people down.
That very nearly broke me and I think had a knock on effect that made me feel totally overwhelmed by housework, Christmas, children's activities and lots of silly little things that usually just pass me by!
This last month has been quite an effort to get through but I feel much better now and we're ready to face the festivities.
I have actually cut down my work hours in the New Year as being ill has shown me that I'm not invincible and I can't do everything for everyone and also that our house really doesn't function very well without me at the helm!
The boys have all finished Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for a few weeks so it'll be nice not to have to go out at night.
Eden's had parties every weekend so we've had some late nights picking her up. She's 17 in January though so roll on driving lessons!
She's also got a boyfriend, it's somebody she's known for ages but I've not said a lot about it because I don't want to put all her private business on my blog. I'm sure you'll get a picture every now and then though! He's lovely and although we'd never stop her from choosing her own friends it's so much easier when you approve isn't it?
We also have the date for Cals operation, it's going to be in the middle of February.
I also have a new follower so welcome to Poppy.
Also thanks to Sue at Simple Suffolk smallholder and Helen at Frugal knit wit who commented on my last post on my whereabouts, it's nice to know I'm missed and thought about!
I'm off to finish this last sock and hopefully although I'm working Monday and Tuesday I'm having some time off over Christmas and New Year so I'll be able to keep up with my blogging.


  1. So nice to see you back .. do take care and build up your strength.
    Just love the socks .. I'm sure Mum loves them .. I would .. so useful.

    Vicky x

  2. Good to hear from you again, as always I'm Amazed at how many things you knit so quickly. Hope you and everyone finally get rid of the lurgy before Christmas.

  3. Thanks for the welcome. My youngest (aged 7) finished school Friday and I will now home educate him. The 12 year old has decided to stay at school. I look forward to reading your blog this coming year.

    1. I always look forward to new followers Poppy. Welcome to the journey of home education xx

  4. Its lovely to get a catch up Bridget, I must have missed your last post. Sorry to hear you have been poorly, you must have been totally exhausted with all that you have been doing. Sometimes it takes a sharp shock for us to realise we have to start and say No. I hope all the family make a full recovery by Thursday so that you can fully enjoy your Christmas. Beautiful knitting as always and scrummy baking :-) Take Care and have a wonderful Christmas xx

    1. Thank you Karen x I am slowly learning to say no! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year too x

  5. wow! you have been a busy little elf!!
    your parade of knitted gifts is so lovely!

    and oh my gosh, that cake - i want to lick my computer screen it looks so tasty!! :)

  6. Oh, my, you have been busy, such wonderful hand crafted goodies, no wonder you've had no time to blog. Good to know all is fine with you now healthwise. You put me to shame with all your making. My good intentions to make a load of Xmas pressies was never realised...but like you I'm already thinking ahead towards next Xmas, hoping to make at least one item a month. I did have a last minute surge of enthusiasm and made about 2 dozen decoupaged cards in the space of a couple of days, which involved hours of cutting out and sticking, so at least everyone will get something home made. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and your New Year is only filled with good things. Love and hugs, Helen xx

    1. Thank you Helen xx I was lucky, Eden made my cards. Every household should have an Eden!
      Sending you back heartfelt Christmas and New Year wishes xx

  7. You knit so fast and such beautiful items. Hand knitted goods are so precious x