Thursday, 5 September 2013

How often can I title a post "Busy"?

Run off my feet would be more appropriate! Malcolm has had a rush job on so it"s been all hands on deck. A lot of walking and delivering to houses on foot.
I really don't understand how I'm not 8 stone!
Here is Eden upon her return 2 weeks ago now. Wow! Where did that time go?
She has got two legs honest! It looks like she's only got 1 1/2 in this picture!
This was taken before she threw the contents of her suitcase all over the floor to be washed!!
She's come home with over 500 photos which I'm sure will appear on this blog over the next few posts.
In between working we have been walking dogs in the evening in this beautiful sunshine. By the evening it's just about bearable for me!
Eden went back to school today and home school started. I'm amazed at how competant a reader Cody has become over the holidays by just spending time reading books by himself. We have school books which are just for schoolwork and they we have about 5 bookcases full of books they can read anytime. 
We were also given this a few days ago

I cut the end off before I thought to take a picture, we've had some steamed for tea but I've seen a recipe on another blog for marrow and ginger chutney so I'm thinking  giving that a go.
We have had so much cardboard left over from one of Malcs jobs that the boys had a bonfire on my dug over veg patch, they also burnt some wood we've had hanging around the garden. I thought I could dig it all in and it might put something good back into the soil!
Well that's a very quick update, I could go on but I've now got to sort some tea out! Then onto another dog walk. I sometimes wonder why I have a bed and wish I could sleep standing up!!


  1. Men and bonfires- they love 'em !
    Hope it's cooler for you tomorrow

  2. They are the same with bbqs aren't they? I've been told it's going to be much cooler for the next few days. : )

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  6. I think when you have children you are allowed to say every day is a busy day!

    We have a neighbour we call Bonfire Bill, he is always having them, usually when my washing is on the line!!

    So glad Eden had a fabulous time in the States, its something she will remember forever. Looks like she brought you lots of washing home....bless her!

    Cooler weather is on the way.....thank goodness.

  7. My Mum use to have a neigjbour like that. As soon as she put the washing out he'd light a bonfire. It use to drive her mad! I'm looking forward to cooler weather