Saturday, 7 September 2013

Thank Goodness It's Cooler!

Cooler weather was promised and it has arrived. Hurrah!
It poured with rain in the night and I looked out my bedroom window watching it, it was a glorious sight. I imagine it was the same feeling Noah had when the rain eventually stopped!
Today we went into town as I had to buy Callum and Clark some new wellies as we had a trying on session yesterday and found that they had both grown out of theirs. Callum is now a size 7 at just twelve years old so we had to get his from the mens section. the size 6 in the childrens section was £5 cheaper!
Anyway they are done, we do get a lot of wear out of our wellies and they are usually passed down too.
We are gearing up for all the autumn walks we are going to take with the dogs. I do love Autumn, it's my favourite time of year.
There's nothing nicer than walking through the leaves with a chill in the air and coming home and making hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. It's became a bit of a custom last year and also helps when little legs are flagging, the thought of that hot chocolate spurs them on a bit!
Malc is picking up the new universal joint on Monday afternoon and the bus is being fixed on Tuesday morning.
I'm really hoping that's the last of garage visits for a while.
The boys also wanted to spend some of their pocket money this morning so Cody bought a battery operated car and Soloman bought a gun (He's gun mad, I hate them!) Callum bought some treats and toys for his rabbit and gerbil and Clark bought these.

He already has two which are nearly a year old and really wanted some more, Clark does love his little furries!
We've just had a lovely hours walk over the fields near us again tonight and it was beautiful, very busy with other dog walkers and children playing on the swings but lovely nonetheless.
I'm now going to sit down with some strawberry and lime cider that I have discovered.
It simply has to be cider being a Dorset girl and all !


  1. So much nicer for working when its cooler, got lots of jobs done outside but will still miss the sitting out in the sun thing.

  2. I am loving this cooler weather too, much more fitting for September :) I am glad the bus is finally getting mended :)

  3. Hopefully that'll be the last we see of the garage for a while. The bus is getting old but with all the stuff we're replacing I don't know that it's woth selling. You don't know what problems you will get with the new vehicle!

  4. oh what sweet little furry friends!!

    our weather has finally cooled off here as well! things seem so much more manageable when the weather is cool! bring on the fall weather!! :)