Saturday, 28 December 2013

Where have I been?

Well, the main computer broke then Clark's tablet broke, so I've had to wait until Christmas to keep my fingers crossed that Santa would bring me a tablet all for myself! Luckily he did!
So much has happened since my last post.
We have two new puppies, Tyxall and Chumleigh. They are brother and sister. This photo is of them at 7 weeks old, they are now 17 weeks old. They are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. My friends dog had 11 of them and she very kindly gave us two of them!
More pictures

This is how we had to carry them around for the first few weeks until they'd had both their jabs.

I will post some pictures of how big they are now over the next few days. 
We also have another teenager in the house, Callum has turned 13 at the end of September.
We also had Rememberence Parade where I was a very proud Mum with the youngest three boys taking part in their Beavers/Cubs uniform

Eden had her Youth Club Christmas Ball which gave her a chance to dress up!

Cody had his 7th birthday, we went to a place I think I've mentioned before where two children eat free with every paying adult so it works out really cheap for us, not even £3 each! For a few Sundays in December Father Christmas was there too, luckily Cody's birthday fell on one of those Sundays.
We've made things for Christmas

Well that sort of brings you up to date !
I'm sure with future posts I'll be talking about past happenings.
So pop back when you have time. More to follow!


  1. Hooray Hooray you are back with all your news from your busy Dorset home. Your staffies look gorgeous. How many dogs!!!!

    1. It's a shocker, we've now got seven dogs!!! My answer to most people is that we don't smoke and only occasionally drink so my dogs are my guilty pleasure!

  2. your family is just gorgeous!
    but oh my... puppies!!!!! they are just the cutest little things!! i wish i could reach right in the screen and pet them! :)

    1. Thank you for your compliment x The puppies are adorable, hard work but worth it!