Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Blogging about things I can't blog about!

The last two days have been taken up with problems at "N's" which I really can't blog about which is really frustrating as I could really do with pouring out all my anger and frustration.
I now have meetings with social services on Friday morning and Monday morning, I'm not looking forward to either and I'm thinking out my strategy of what to say to them and how to phrase things so I can get my point across without looking like a total loon who has lost the plot! I'm a very passionate person and I do tend to get a bit fiery when I think things are unfair.
Anyway, wish me luck!
I have cut back on my working hours so I had time for a quick coffee with a good friend yesterday afternoon, which unfortunately meant that the ironing got postponed until today. However, I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear that tonight there's not one item left in the ironing basket! I think my iron took a bit of a bashing as I work out some of my frustration on those creases!
I also had time to sew this up, a skirt and braces set to go with last weeks completed boleros.

I'm now knitting a white one to go with the white bolero.
We're bracing pourselves for a few days of blustery, wet weather here in Dorset. It looks like we're getting away with the worse of it though as the higher up the country you go the worse it seems it's going to be!
So batten down your hatches and I'll see you the other end!


  1. That's so sweet, you are one clever knitter!

  2. I wish you luck with the meetings. TWO Meetings! as a retired Social Worker it looks as though you are being taken seriously, with such worker time commitment. Take a deep breath, write down your concerns over the next day or two, so that you don't forget anything. If you want to make a point about something collect your facts (dates etc). If you can, make a copy of your concerns (signed and dated) so that you can give a copy to the Social Worker to take away with them. Your appreciation of confidentiality is commendable Bridget
    Good Luck

    1. Thanks Gill, one meeting has happened, unfortunately the other one has been canceled twice!

  3. Hope everything goes well with the meetings. The little skirt is so pretty, it will go perfect with the boleros you made. Hope the weather isn't too bad, we've got some sunshine here today, it makes such a change.

  4. Good luck with the meeting. Your knitted skirt is so pretty! Very cute and warm! J9 x

  5. Pouring out that frustration is essential and I hope you were able to do so with your friend. Storing it up is poisonous. Hope everything goes well at the meetings....hold it down!!! x

  6. Thanks Em, luckily Hubby is a good listener. After nearly 20 yrs of marriage he's well use to me whittling on!