Thursday, 22 January 2015


Still so much going on behind the scenes here, it's quite overwhelming at times with all the phone calls!
I thought I would do a post of pictures, mainly of the cooking I've been doing.
Our back fence is being fixed by the landlords workmen and as we all know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach so I thought if I could keep them supplied with tea and cakes they would do a good job.
Chocolate chip muffins

Fairy cakes

Victoria sandwich

Blueberry crumble and cherry crumble, not for the workmen I might add!
I've also made a chicken pie and "diamonds" as we call them. Puff pastry cut in a diamond with bacon, tomato and cheese in them.
I went to take a picture but the battery in my phone had died and I'm sure they'll be gone before I get a chance to take one again!

I've also been enjoying these, they're becoming a bit of an obsession!
I don't very often drink coffee but these are lush

Callums jumper is coming along, I have done both the sleeves now and have started on the hood. I love the way the wool knits up

It's Edens birthday tomorrow, she will be seventeen.
She's having a load of friends round tomorrow evening for a party. It's themed as "flower power" so she's been making loads of hippy decorations and she plans to face paint flowers on everyone as they come in the door.
Lots of photo opportunities there I think!
Today I made her cake, skittles, just in case you're wondering, because seventeen year olds are going to need all those "E" numbers! Right?


  1. I don't know where you find the time or energy for all you do. The cakes and puddings all look wonderful, and I love the wool for Callum's jumper. I haven't tried those coffees but I do enjoy the sachets of either Maxwell House/Nescafe Cappuccino or Latte. DD1 treated me to some Gingerbread and Irish Cream ones for Xmas and they were delicious.

  2. Happy birthday to Eden I hope she has a great time. Loving the cakes especially Edens of course.

  3. Happy Birthday Eden x what a wonderful cake. I'm actually trying to avoid cake right now, but your post has me drooling for some! I think I gained 2lb from just reading it!! Beautiful jumper x

    1. One of the girls that came to the party had seven pieces!! She's like a stick insect too! Life's just so unfair!!