Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Just how any colours do Goldfish come in?

The boys have decided that they would like to spend their pocket money on some Goldfish.
Now all the boys earn their pocket money by helping their Dad out who is self-employed. They each have set jobs that they do with him every week and if he gets extra jobs one week and they give him extra help then their money goes up accordingly. Eden earns her own money delivering leaflets which she's been doing for about five months and that's how she's got her spending money for her holiday.  I'm very proud of the fact that they earn their money as I think if you give them it for doing nothing they are going to expect that for the rest of their life.
That's just my opinion though.
Anyway they have got the old fishtanks and pumps out of the shed as we had fish several years ago. The water has to stand for a couple of weeks, they have collected stones and shells from the beach, scrubbed and soaked them and arranged them prettily in their fishtanks, it has been a long two weeks and it has been counted down as eagerly as Christmas! ( We are nearly into September so I am legally allowed to use that word!!)
Yesterday we went to the pet shop that we regularly attend so the boys could chose their fish.
Callum has already got a couple in his tank so he wanted a couple more. Clark wanted two for his tank and Soloman and Cody are sharing a little tank so they were getting one each.
 They stood eagerly peering into each big plastic tank full of a variety of different colored fish.
The young lad who served us was brilliant so patient as my boys chose exactly which two fish they wanted out of a tank of about two hundred!!
Malc and I thought it was hilarious, the young lad was so good and really tried his best to catch the ones they wanted!
So we returned home and they were floated in the tanks in their plastic bags until they'd had enough time to acclimatise to the water temperature and then the bags were opened and out they swam!
Watching them swim around  kept the younger boys entertained for hours, it was great. I'm just going to have to watch very carefully that they don't overfeed them and I'm slightly worried after having had a conversation with Cody about why they can't be stroked!
The boys have been knitting and crocheting again over the past couple of days so more pictures in my next post!


  1. And who's going to clean them out? :-) The only good thing about going to the dentist for me is that they have a big tank of teeny weeny tropical fish to watch while you are waiting.

  2. They clean out their guinea pigs and rabbit with the help of their dad. They do it together so it encourages teamwork. It also means they spend time with their Dad. I remember spending time with my Dad when he was fixing his car passing him spanners. He died at 57, so it makes me think about the relationship between the boys and their Dad. They don't always do it willingly though!!