Thursday, 15 August 2013

Swallows and Amazons Urban Stlye!

Clark has got a friend staying tonight. We have put the four man tent up in the garden and they're sleeping in  there for the next two nights. That's the theory anyway!
I hope you have got your anti-glare on, the sun shining off Malcs bald patch is rather bright!!
The weather forecast is not very good at all, it will start to rain in the early hours of tomorrow morning and doesn't finish until Saturday afternoon so rather them than me.
Eden is on her way to New York for two days, she'll be visiting Ground Zero, Times Square and other touristy places. So I'm sure she'll enjoy that.
Other than that not a lot is happening, I'm going to put a roast on in honour of our guest. I think most kids like chicken and roast potatos and I've done several different types of veg so I'm sure he'll like at least one of them!
Sleep tight boys!!


  1. Oh Swallows and Amazons! loved the books, and the film. Hope the boys have a good night, if it is anything like cub and scout camp used to be, no one gets to sleep until about 4am! on the first night. They usually slept well after that though!

    1. Oh my goodness, I hope they get to sleep before then, I'll I have my neighbours complaining!

  2. Whatever the weather the boys will love the adventure of sleeping outside.

    My boys loved camping out in the garden and the milkman (remember those) would leave them a bottle of orange juice at the side of the of charge!

    It sounds like your daughter is having a wonderful time and she will have so much to tell you when she gets home... memories to last a lifetime!

  3. What a lovely milkman! How kind.
    I think my daughter will be coming home with hundreds of pictures. She was so excited about going to New York