Monday, 16 February 2015

Bargains, finished garments and Lego

As you know we're not conventional in this house so we went truly radical and had pancakes early! For breakfast on Saturday in fact!
We'll probably have them again on Tuesday.
Not that radical then?!

On Friday night Malc, Eden, Oscar and myself went out for a meal for Valentines, again we like doing things on the wrong day!
We had a lovely time.
We decided this weekend we would have a quiet one doing what we wanted as we're not all going to be together for nearly a week whilst Callum and I are in hospital.
So we went to a local charity shop where I found this

And this

£1 a ball, it's Aran, 30% wool and I found eight 100grms  balls of  blue and seven 100grms balls of heather. Absolute bargain!
I also finished knitting this, it's for one of the boys of my friend with the eleven children. He's a couple of years younger than Cody who is modeling for me. I have done the back and sleeves of the next one for another of her boys. They both have birthdays in March.

Then we went to The Courtyard Centre, a place that I've mentioned before where there is the best wool shop ever! I bought some of this to do another hoodie for Soloman who has a birthday in April.
He chose the colour himself.

There's also a lovely toy shop there that sells some fantastic puzzles and Lego sets, the boys all bought some of the latter.
So the rest of Saturday afternoon was spent at the table

Making these

And these.

We went out for breakfast on Sunday morning at our favourite place where all the boys eat free so we only pay for Malc and myself.
The afternoon was spent doing some jobs like the bathroom and catching up on the washing and ironing to help Malc whilst I'm away.
Callum and I have packed a few things. 
I probably won't be around for a week or so as there's no WiFi on Callums ward! Good job we both knit!
So I'll see you the other side!


  1. Great bargains and fabulous knitting as always. I hope everything goes well next week and Callum is soon on the road to recovery. Take care xxx

  2. I hope the hospital stay goes OK and Callum is soon mended. And I hope the days don't go to slowly as you sit around knitting!
    Mmmmmm Pancakes!

    1. Thanks Sue, I'm trying to think of it as a mini holiday!

  3. Great bargains - excellent knitting. I love that Marble yarn as well and use a lot of it in DK for the Op Xmas Child box hats that I make. Will be thinking of you - hope it all goes well xx

    1. Thanks Morgan x both the chunky and DK knit up so beautifully and transform a stocking stitch jumper into something really pretty x

  4. Hope everything goes well for Callum's operation. When you have a moment could you let me know what patturn you used for the hoodie? I'd love to knit one for my eldest grandson.

    1. Thanks for commenting Sarah x the pattern is King Cole number 4087.

  5. I'll be thinking about you and Callum, I'm sure everything will go well and you'll be home again soon. xx

  6. Hope everything goes ok Bridgett. See you on the other side. Good luck Callum.

  7. It sounds like you had a good weekend. I hope all goes well in the hospital.

  8. Big positive vibes for Callum. Love those wool colours - brilliant bargain! x

  9. Great wool bargains, and the jumper is lovely. Hope all is okay with Callum. Love, Helen x

  10. I have knitted with that marble wool before - it's rather lovely! I made my then 16yo girl a jumper. It's on my blog somewhere but I was really impressed with how it knits up xx