Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Party pictures.

They are nearly two weeks late but here we go!
Eden and her best friend

Eden has three male best friend (including her boyfriend)

Oddly enough her boyfriend isn't the one she's kissing!!

More kisses

I've met most of Edens friends but I'd never met these three before, they were beautiful inside and out.

A picture of everyone

These two danced with Soloman  and Cody all night

I think I said before that they set up a photo booth sort of thing, they used a black piece of material and made flowers to go over it.

Eden had her first driving lesson this evening, she thoroughly enjoyed it. She was so excited before she left.
Where have all those years gone?


  1. What beautiful photos x my boy just passed his theory test! How dare our children grow up like this! It's so unfair!!

  2. I love to see pictures of young people enjoying themselves and loving each other. I used to get such pleasure from seeing my daughters and then my grandchildren when in their teens having a good time when they landed at our house. Isn't it great when they include the younger ones too?

    1. I love all her friends, they really are a lovely bunch and anyone who is nice to my children gets my vote x

  3. She's growing up fast Bridgett. Lovely photo's to treasure.

    1. Thanks Mitzi, they all need to slow down a bit, I can't keep up with them!