Monday, 9 February 2015

They found it!

Callums brain that is!

We were back at Southampton Hospital this morning, it's only nine days until Cals operation and he had to have a baseline of messages to his spine done.
It was an early start as we had to be there at 9-30am, the traffic was awful but we did get there in time.
Cal had electrodes put on his newly cut (number one clippers!) hair and one put on his ankle, a signal was sent to stimulate his toes into twitching.
Then the signals are measured so that they get a baseline to work with during his op.
Now this is the fascinating but also absolutely terrifying bit.
They need this baseline so that when they are operating and working from the bottom of the spine from the top they will check the signal from the brain through to the ankle through the spine to make sure that there's no damage on the part they've just worked on!
Truly amazing!
I'm really trying to focus on the positives of this, he needs this operation, but my " Mummy  Head " is having a field day.
I'll be glad when it's all over and done with and we're back home.
On the plus side we're all learning an awful lot about bones and operating procedures at the moment!


  1. Clever Stuff isn't it. I'm sure all will be fine. This is a home ed lesson with a difference!

  2. Truly terrifying but fascinating too. You must be see sawing with your emotions at the moment. My thoughts are with you! x

  3. Love and hugs to you and Callum. It's horrible as a parent having to watch our kids go through stuff like this and feeling helpless and scared.