Sunday, 3 March 2013

It's not just me who's obsessed with knitting

 Here's Callum at Grandmas house. He takes his knitting everywhere with him

We've had a couple of days here. First the thermostat housing went on the car and then my washing machine broke down, thermostat housing arriving tomorrow and washing machine arriving on Tuesday ( fingers crossed ) Both of these happened on Thursday and then to cap it all we let the dogs out before going to bed on Thursday night, let them back in when Eden noticed her dog, Hexa was missing, so we searched and searched and searched! Malc went out in the mini-bus , Eden and Clark walked down to the field. My lovely neighbours joined the search with their dog who is the brother of Hexa ( Are you still following? ) They walked past outr back garden and said they'd heard a dog barking, Now we'd searched the back garden several times as we didn't feel she could get out anyway, but when you can't find something after searching the obvious you move to wider boundaries don't you?  So out we went to search again, looked in the playhouse, the shed, even though it was locked, under the rabbit hutches. Nowhere to be seen, Malc went out to look again after the neighbours had assured him that they had heard a dog barking. He found her,  IN THE RABBIT HUTCH!!!
So we were all so pleased to have found her when I suddenly thought about the rabbit, luckily the rabbit had bolted up the ramp to the top half of the hutch and the dog couldn't get up there. It seems the door to the hutch pushes in but once the dog was in she couldn't push the door outwards again!

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  1. Glad you found her, but what a place for her to be. Hope everything is fixed soon xx