Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day !

So I hope you've all had a lovely Mothers Day. I was taken out for breakfast which was amazing and I haven't had to eat all day !
Our mini-bus has been fixed and my new washing machine has arrived and I've washed just about everything in the house. I am now walking round bedrooms trying to find things to wash!
Callum was out during the week and took some lovely pictures of the  Twin Sails Bridge.
Here's the best one .
We live quite near to it and are always going over it in the car. We have walked over it with the dogs but a couple of them didn't like it very much, I think they could feel the vibrations of the traffic going over!
The other bridge we have here is closed for three weeks after Easter, the new bridge has actually got stuck in the "up" position a couple of times causing chaos, so I hope it'll work ok. If not a lot of people aren't going to be very happy!
I've been knitting lots of hats over the past week so I hope to post a picture of them over the next week and give details on the charities that they will go to.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  1. Happy Mothers Day - been old and grey here but looks like a lovely day for you.