Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Industrious couple of days!

Handing over all those jumpers and blankets on Tuesday to the lady from The Biggin Hill Romania Group seems to have inspired Callum and Clark. Callum has knitted two jumpers already to give to them along with numerous little handbags that I forgot to take a picture of! Must do that!
Clark has been crocheting squares, he did twelve of them and put four together and added two to each top square and sewed them together, then he did that again and voila you have a jumper!
If you look at the picture you'll probably get the idea better than reading my explanation!
He's now doing a pink one for one of my friends who has a 3 month old little girl. He's done the squares and sewn them together, he's just got to go round the openings with different colour just to finish it off. Again hopefully I'll take a picture when it's done!
I've also got a picture of all the boys with the bagged up jumpers before we delivered them.

What have I been knitting ? Well, you might ask! I have beem knitting a tank top for Callum in between numerous calls to the boys to help them out!

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