Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Funny Anecdote!

Did anyone watch " Spy in the Huddle"  It was about different breeds of penguins, cameras were put in pretend penguins, rocks and even pretend penguin eggs and they recorded the daily goings on of the breeds.
My children, particularly Soloman loves penguins so we watched this with great interest.
Monday morning we awoke to a very sparse layer of snow, it wasn't even worth getting the camera out for. One of the perks of home-ed is that you can work whenever you want and as we don't really get much snow we called school off so that the boys could play outside in it for a while.
Malcolm went outside to check on them only to find that they'd built a den behind the bins and put a load of snowballs there to make their "nest" Clark was waddling up the road with a load of twigs on his feet! When he was asked what he was doing he answered that the twigs were his egg and he wasn't allowed to drop it. He then came back to the "nest" and pretended to be sick. Soloman pretended to eat it. Apparently that is what the adult penguins do, bring up their food to feed their babies with! Malc and I did say that at least it showed that they had paid attention to the programme! That was after I'd dried the tears on my face and stopped laughing!

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