Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bah humbug!

I"ve been reading round blogs all week and I think I must be the only person who is hating this weather. Bloggers are posting beautiful pictures of gardens,days out, half naked children (and even adults!)
Whereas I'm shut indoors with windows open, fans going, grumpy and longing for Autumn. I do love a nice frosty morning!
I was glad to watch the men's Wimbledon final as it meant I could stay indoors and have a good excuse to do so.
Anyway, enough whinging.
The boys have spent most of the day in the paddling pool, schoolwork has been abandoned, there are enough cold/rainy days for us to keep up with schoolwork. All my children are sun worshippers and they are all brown as berries.
I have been doing quite a bit of knitting, I sit indoors or on the bench in our back garden which is in the shade after about 7pm and I knit away.
This is for my friend with lots of children, her youngest will be a year old just after Christmas so I've started on their presents already.
I've done this for another friend, a baby blanket, here's a close up
I've started on another baby cardigan but I haven't taken a picture yet.
Behind the scenes the last two weeks have been very busy. Eden has been invited to America by a friend whose Dad lives out there. We've had to get her a new birth certificate as her old one was sent with some documents a while ago and had never been sent back! We've sent request upon request for it!
Then we had to get her passport renewed, it ran out last July. It arrived yesterday which is great as it's just over four weeks until she goes. We've been clothes shopping as it's going to be very hot over there, so another bikini and shorts were needed. We've now got to sort out insurance and a visa.  Eden's obsessed with America, she wants to go and live there after she's finished Uni. I'm not sure if this visit will make her more determined to or get it out of her system!
We have our local carnival next Saturday and all the boys are in it. The Beavers are doing a float of Noah and the Ark, although Cody is the only one actually  in Beavers the others are in Cubs/scouts so they are all helping, either dressing up as animals on the float or walking beside it with buckets collecting money. Unfortunately I won't be able to go, Eden's going to the beach with some friends all day, Malc will have the mini bus, so I will have to stay home to look after the dogs, but the boys have assured me they will take loads of photos, Malc's walking alongside them with a bucket so I'm sure he'll take photos too. So there's a post for next week!
I've hoovered all through upstairs, we've had lunch, tea's prepared so guess where I'm off , yes to open my knitting bag!


  1. Love the colour of the little cardi, did you say your friend had 10 children! goodness that must be fun! I took cubs once on a carnival float NEVER again, You need 10 pairs of eyes to make sure they don't fall off. Sorry but I shall say it again-LOVING THIS SUN!

  2. Baby number 11 is due in January. Eldest is 15 yrs old, youngest is 7 months old. I must admit I'm envious. As to your comment on the weather again I say Bah Humbug!

  3. Gorgeous knitting, I love to see children in hand knitted clothes. 11 children... yikes... I bet there is never a dull moment in their house.

    I don't mind the hot weather during the day, but wish it would really cool down or even rain at night time. I'm having trouble sleeping at the moment :-(

  4. I"m with you there Karen, we usually have a dog or two that's managed to creep up on the bed by the early hours too. Poor things, three of them are long haired so they're suffering too!

  5. How exciting for Eden and such a wonderful opportunity!
    The sun and I have a love-hate thing going on. I do love summer more thn I can say but I hate the hot humid weather. From 10-4 we are pretty much housebound with curtains closed and fans blowing.

  6. ha! thank you! i detest summer weather! i can not stand being hot or sweaty in the least! no one ever understands! but now we have eachother :)

  7. Mellissa.... You're my kind of gal !

  8. I'm loving the sun. Although I have to wait to the evening to garden. Too sticky. Hope the carnival is happening in the evening. I'm not sure that I'd like to dress up as an animal at this temperature.

  9. Unfortunately it starts at 1pm. They are meant to wear t-shirt and shorts underneath but I thnk they will just be wearing pants! They will also be taking a lot to drink!