Monday, 22 July 2013

I hear thunder!

For the last two nights at about 10 o'clock we've been out looking at the moon through our binoculars. It"s a full moon tonight and also the last of three in a row super moons where the moon comes closest to Earth during a new moon or full moon. It"s also called a "perigee full moon".
Perigee is a monthly event when the moon approaches Earth at the closest point during a full or new moon. Put the close approach and the full or new moon together and you get a " Super moon"
It really can look huge !
Although tonight might be a bit of a let down as cloud and rain are predicated at 9ish in my part if the world. Hence the reason we've been looking at it over the past couple of nights just in case we missed out on the full event.
It has been an incredibly beautiful sight through our binoculars. We are going to be printing off a map of the moon although Eden pointed out bits of interest on it, various craters, I've forgotten the names already hence the need for a map.
Looking at the moon last night we noticed one huge dark cloud in the sky with sheet and fork lightning. It was really wierd, no thunder, no rain, we stood watching it with some of our neighbors for about 1 1/2 hours. It began to get really windy like something out of a disaster movie.
As it was getting late we came in and within about half an hour we had the most beautiful lightening and the loudest thunder right overhead.
Malc and I sat in bed watching it. A couple of the boys were a bit worried about it but soon fell asleep.
We also had quite heavy rain and despite me saying to several people over the last week that if it rains I'm going to run round the back garden naked I managed to refrain!
We are meant to be getting more storms tomorrow. Can't wait!


  1. I had forgotten that I hear thunder rhyme, but it only took a minute or two thinking to remember. Must have done it at playschool with my lot or when I was a helper later, yet I'm thinking it was a song sung in a round so was it cubs? but too young for cubs so now I'm puzzled?

  2. I remember singing it at school along with Londons Burning which was sung tthe same way

  3. Awwww, thunder!!! I so long for a thunderstorm to break this heat!

  4. We are forecast more tomorrow. Hold tight they may be coming your way