Thursday, 11 July 2013

I run a hotel!

Eden takes the school bus home, we call it the party bus as they are always having fun on it, extremely  weird conversations and they surf! Not sure what that is and I probably don't want to know.
Some of her other friends who don't live in this area are very envious of this bus journey and occasionally come home with her and stay to tea just so they can experience the party bus for themselves.
This was scheduled to happen with one of her friends yesterday, so when I received a phone call from her at about 8-45 yesterday morning I thought she was going to say that the friend had cancelled.
Today some of the biology group were going to Portsmouth Uni to do some marine biology work. They had to be at school at 7-30 am and as the bus arrives much later than that we'd have to take her in.
Unfortunately one of her friends couldn't make that deadline as her parents would both already be in work so Eden was ringing to ask if her friend could come round later that evening, stay the night and be taken in with her this morning.
So we had one coming to tea, she left at 6pm, the second one arrived at 7pm, stayed the night and Malc took them both in this morning. Now I know lots of parents say their children treat their homes like a hotel, but I didn't realise my children's friends would be too!
Our mini-bus failed it's MOT yesterday, it could have been worse but what it's failed on is going to cost enough. So today Malc has been running around getting various parts for it and he's booked it into the garage next Tuesday for some welding to be done as he can't do this himself.
So I think a lot of knitting has to be done this evening, just to try and destress!


  1. Oh no, you have definitely sent all the positive vibes to us and now you have run out! I hope you get the MOT sorted ASAP with no extra expenses.
    Has it been cooler for you today? We had cloud first thing and then a cool breeze later when the sun came out.

    1. Yes thankyou, much cooler. I have been very liberal with my positive vibes lately, I must remember to hold some back!

  2. Crickey! Sorry to hear about the MOT, how positive that Malc has the skills to do some work himself, and of course that your car isnt one of these new-fangled things that require 10 different mechanics hours to fix.

    I know what you mean about a hotel. We regularly have people here for at least one meal a day sometimes more often feedin as many as 10 people. I truly mostly dont mind but sometimes I do feel put upon.

  3. Thanks Carol, Malc has had to learn various skills due to lack of money at the time. Not a bad thing though.
    I don't really mind Edens friends visiting, like you say sometimes I just feel put upon. I should try to be flattered that they are happy to visit, eat and spend the night with us.