Saturday, 11 April 2015

A promise is a promise!

When Callum was told nearly ten months ago he was going to have to have an operation on his back he was beside himself. It was his nightmare come true.
On the journey home I promised him he could have whatever he wanted if he had the op.
We are now several weeks the other side of the operation and he hasn't forgotten my promise.
His scar has gone from this at three days post op

To this after seven weeks

Now that type of scar earns you this

A whippet X Staffordshire Bull Terrier!
Callum has named her April as we picked her up on April 1st.
I've said that it earns you this but he actually paid half the price for her.
This was taken today on the way home from the vets after her first injection.

She was laid back on Cals lap in the minibus sleeping in the sunshine.
The dogs have been really good with her particularly the two Staffies, Tyxall adores her and this is the second time we've found them cuddled up like this.

This was how we found them on my bed last night, when I left the room to have a bath they were playing on the bed and I came back to this picture of cuteness.
Callum is totally besotted with her and has been brilliant doing literally everything and anything for her, including getting up in the middle of the night to let her out.
It's Solomans tenth birthday tomorrow so I'm now off to ice and decorate a cake!


  1. Oh how cute, April is adorable

  2. That boy of yours is one brave fella and as for April - What a little sweetie, but Bridget... How many dogs? (8?) and for a minute I thought you were going to say - " It's Solomans 10th birthday and he wants a dog too!" :-)

    1. The last line of your comment did make me laugh Sue. No, he wanted a mobile phone, he's much more materialistic!

  3. Bless him, what a brave lad you've got there but just look how straight that back is now, well worth the pain. Glad to hear that Clark's operation went well too and what's all this about being too old for a bravery certificate, I'd be demanding one if I'd had to go through what he has. April is adorable, I was sat here awwwing and arrring as I was reading your post.

    1. Thanks Jo. He is pleased he had it done, he's also glad it's a one off operation!

  4. Isn't she a sweetie, a well deserved reward x

  5. That is one brave boy you have there. Beautiful and well deserved little gift too. What a cutie x