Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter News

I've posted pictures of these before on my old blog. This year between myself and another lady we've knitted nearly 70 of them.
I'm not sure if they all look happy or slightly menacing! We've had quite a relaxing couple of days, Friday was a chill-out day doing hardly anything. Saturday Malc and Callum went to the Mens Breakfast at our local church, then in the afternoon we went to our friends for tea. She has 10 children so we take it in turns to have each other over for tea. When you have a big family you don't tend to get invited to many places! So it's nice for us all to socialise knowing that we don't get offended by each others children being kids as some people with just a couple of children do!
Sunday we had my Mum and Stepdad over for breakfast and we did the whole works of cereal, toast, croissants, yoghurts and then fry up. Needless to say we didn't need to eat for the rest of the day!
Then today we had a very rare lay-in followed by myself, Callum and Clark going to our weekly church knitting group. A vote was taken to hold it today for anyone who wasn't away or busy to attend. There were only a couple of people missing so it was worth it.
I have also spent a lot of today going through a blog that I use to read and then lost when our old computer gave up the ghost. I find it very inspiring  and quite close to how our family works and so I find myself indentifying with what the lady writes.
It assures me that we're not mad at all and they are people out there like us, well me really!
Unfortunately I'm not that special and still have to cook tea, so I'd better go and check the slow cooker and see if it's time to dish up for the troops!

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