Sunday, 7 April 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

I was looking forward to chatting to Eden on Thursday when she sent me a text about 11pm saying that she'd forgotten her phone charger and her phone was nearly out of charge. So I went to bed very grumpy at her and the world in general! Clark was at Grandmas and my "Mummy Head" wasn't happy. I hate it when we are all over the place especially at night. I'd better get use to it I know but my " Mummy Head" takes a real bashing sometimes. Sometimes I'd like to take it off and shoot it right between the eyes!!
On Friday we made these;

Milk, mashed banana and ice-cream,

One of my friends came round with this,

A big bin liner of chunky wool. Callum and I were like kids in a sweet shop! It was like birthdays and Christmas all at once! There were some started garments that needed unpicking and then Callum and I  unpacked it discussed who needed what wool for what project and it's all in a corner in my bedroom  packed away!
We walked the dogs at Delph Woods We love going here, it's great in the snow and has a magic stream running through it. I can't tell you how many times the children have had to half strip before getting in the car and coming home because they've mucked about in it and have been soaking wet. It's part of the Castlemain Trail . The trail runs along a dirt track just above the woods, you can walk/ride miles on it.
We then went to Grandmas and Gramps to pick Clark up, had a cuppa and then went to the train station to pick Eden up.  She talked herself hoarse for the next two hours telling us about her adventures.  I forgot to say she was at Exeter Uni.
Saturday my brother, Craig and his girlfriend, Chantelle came over. I dropped Eden off at work, she works in the library on Saturday mornings, and then Malc went to pick our guests up.
We had a lovely day, they are artists and Craig draws with his foot , long story short, he has a neck/ shoulder injury sustained at Uni and can still draw with his hand but the injury plays up so he draws with his foot. Eden decided to have a go with him.

I'm sorry the pictures are really dark for some reason, the flash was on!
I hope you can see them, if you want to see more as they have a website and shop, go here .
Here is some more up-to-date work, some of it is amazing. I love the last two rows of pictures.
He drew the children and I'm going to frame them and hopefully have them going all up the stairs. I'll take photos of them for my next post.
Today we had another one of our mega- breakfasts, the boys have cleaned out the rabbits, I have done a load of ironing and Eden is supposedly cleaning out her room!
I'm now off to settle down with yet another cardigan I'm knitting for Soloman.

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