Friday, 19 April 2013

Teamwork and a library visit

A very rare picture of my boys working in perfect harmony!
The eldest two in particular will argue over fresh air!
We have another veg patch next to this one, about the same size, together they make up about a third of our back garden

We've had some success  with our veg in past years, apart from last year when I planted everything out as I heard we were going to get rain. I thought that would help water everything in. Unfortunately the rain didn't stop for several months.
The potatoes we planted just went mouldy and disintegrated into the ground and we grew one runner bean. Oh, the money I spent on runner beans.  I grew them from seed and put them out, lost them. put another lot out, they didn't take and so I even bought some plants and put them out and nothing came of them either!
Anyway we're not giving up, the boys are in the process of planting potatoes as I type. I'll keep you informed as to how they grow if indeed they do.
We've also decided not to grow so much veg, our carrots and parsnips have always been very hit and miss, so we've decided to grow runner beans again and also courgettes and marrows as they've always done quite well. As do our tomatoes and cucumbers.
We're also going to grow less veg and plant more fruit, we've got a lovely plum tree which gives us a lovely yield of fruit to freeze and cook with, we also have rhubarb. So I thought we would buy raspberry canes, we've got blackcurrants so I thought we could get red currants as those sort of things are quite low maintenance,yet you get a crop which can be used.
That's the theory anyway!
This morning we visited the library, they love us there as we all borrow 20 books each and it makes their numbers look really good!
It was quite busy as there was a toddler group in there. Callum and Clark took their knitting and looming and Clark in particular had a little group of toddlers round him asking what he was doing and even having a go at it.
We know the staff as Eden works there as a volunteer on Saturday mornings, one of them came up to see what Cal and Clark were doing. She noticed a jumper that Clark had crocheted, I put a picture of one he did a couple of weeks ago in a post on here. She liked it so much she asked if she could buy it for her Granddaughter who has a Tiny Tears type doll. ( I'm not sure if she's still around or called something else now)  So Clark sold it to her and was over the moon.
He was going to sell it at a boot sale we are going to on Sunday, so after they've done the garden he wants to start another one to keep his stock up for the boot sale.
Alan Sugar eat your heart out!!
I have been making sausage rolls and we call them bacon diamonds, they are puff pastry with bacon, cheese and tomoto in them.
We've also been eating these,

Malcolm made them in the breadmaker, there were twelve but everyone had one before I could take a picture!
Well, I'd better go and see how the boys are getting on and make them a drink, I'm sure they are like all British workmen, needing a teabreak far too often!


  1. Last year was an awful year for growing everything, even our flowers and plants withered.
    We miss the allotments a lot, with DH new business he just has no time for them these days and Im short on time myself, I think we may try again next year though.

  2. I'd love an allotment, like you say you do need the time for them though. It's hard enough to find time for the garden and it's only a step outside the door! Hope we both have better luck with our veg and flowers this year