Thursday, 4 April 2013

Thank goodness for " Nice and Easy"

As I must have at least a dozen new grey hairs today.
Eden is on a 48 hour visit to a University, two girls were chosen from her school to attend a special gathering of Year 10 students, I think it's a way of trying to encourage youngsters to go to Uni as their numbers have come down so much!
So there is a workshop for 60 students from the South to go and taste Uni life. They are boarded, fed and entertained, which is sooo like Uni life isn't it? She's not going to have to struggle to find somewhere to live, a part-time job to support herself, not to mention taking out student loans and then trying to pay them back!!
Anyway, I digress! She was meant to be travelling down with another student from her year, they have three different trains to catch so I didn't really want her to go on her own and was really pleased when the other girl accepted her place and they agreed to travel together. Part of the deal is that the Uni pay for their transport, so they sorted out the route and times and we just waited for the tickets to arrive, which they duly did.
This morning Malc took her to the train station she was leaving from, Eden rang the other girl 10 minutes before the train was meant to leave as she was getting concerned only to find that the girl was still in bed and had forgotten about the whole thing!
Eden was then in two minds about going, she was really worried about changing trains, we don't travel on trains at all so it was way out of her comfort zone. Anyway, she got on the train and I think both her and I had a frought three and a half hours whilst she journeyed down there.
She's arrived safely has had lunch and is now partaking in workshops that have been held.
I've no doubt she will ring me tonight full of excitement and news about the day!
She will be home tomorrow night.
 Just got to get through the journey home then!!!


  1. Well done Eden for doing the train journey. Trains are a scary thing, I remember the first time Abi did a train, we were both a wreck and it was only an hours Journey!

  2. It definitely built her confidence up going on her own. she's telling people she's travelled halfway acreoos England now! lol