Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No Learning Here!

We don't do formal schoolwork here on Wednesdays as it's shopping day. Usually by the time we've got home after battling for an hour round the supermarket, going through the check-out, getting home and unpacking,  my reserves of  patience are usually running pretty low!
So no schoolwork on Wednesdays.
So I thought I'd show you what a "no School day" looks like!
Firstly I think the boys are learning whilst shopping, they are comparing prices, following a routine of going up and down each aisle so you're not going from one aisle to the next and back again! and the main lesson is smiling at grumpy people who tut and pass you without saying thank you when you've stepped aside to let them through!
One of the boys puts the shopping on the conveyor belt and another helps me pack. They take it in turns to pay the checkout person with the money ( I always draw out cash so we can do this) Then they have to work out the change.
Then the unpacking, we have to rotate the things in the cupboard so things don't go out of date and we have to put things away orderly so that everything fits!!. Whilst doing this they are learning what needs to go in the freezer, fridge or cupboard.
Today I bought some raspberry canes and seeds in with the shopping so this afternoon Clark helped me plant things and sowed some seeds.

Not too sure if you can see the raspberry canes there!

Runner beans in an egg tray with cotton wool, so we can do a science lesson in a week or two!

This propagator is half full of peas and the other half  is runner beans. Clark also filled another propagator this size with more peas.
Whilst he was doing this Callum was shredding paper for the rabbits and guinea-pigs and then he cleaned out some of the guinea-pigs and Soloman and Cody helped me make these,
A huge Quiche for tonight's tea, a jam tart and a treacle tart. They enjoyed bashing the biscuits for the treacle tart the best! In a past post I mentioned that I've found some really interesting blogs to read which are so informative and interesting, the blog writers are friendly too which is always a bonus!
Well Frugal Mum Of Three is one of them and she did a great post which will help raise awareness of poverty. I thinks it's well worth a read so I've put the link in.
Let me know what you think and if you are going to give it a go.

Eden's due home any minute with a friend and they are going to wash the mini-bus which I'm sure is just an excuse for a water fight! So I'd better go and sort out some old sponges before she nicks all my new ones!!


  1. Sounds like plenty of learning to me. I'm so behind with my seeds, but if the primroses are anything to go by, everything will make up for it and come up in great clusters.

    Oh - and the dog is a Deerhound.

  2. Hi Cheryl... Your dog is georgous, it looks a real softie.
    We've sown more seeds today, but I'm so hesitant to put them out just in case we still get a frost!