Friday, 7 June 2013

A Walk in the Woods

Thursday mornings we usually go and visit my Mum and Dad, so yesterday was. no exception, we left just after 1-30 ish, came home and had a quick lunch and decided to go and walk the dog in one of our favorite places, Delph woods.
We go there quite often, it was a beautiful afternoon and I even remembered to take some pictures!

This is a lovely little bridge, the children have walked under it and we usually play " Pooh sticks" on it.

This is one side of it. We went here with my friend and her three sons, of course boys being boys they had to go in and they even sat in it so I had lots of dripping wet children in the back of our mini bus. Luckily my friend and I thought it was hilarious!
Malcolm thought it would be a great idea to go "off  track" so we had to cross this little stream

Using these logs

After much wobbling and laughing we all made it across.
We then had to go  and pick Eden up, she had a Chamber choir rehearsal after school. That done we then went to a farm/pet food wholesalers where we get our dog/rabbit/guinea pig food stocked up. We usually get our sawdust and hay there too but we don't need any of that just yet.
All dogs walked, childen picked up and chores done we headed home for tea.
That folks is another busy day in the life of our household!
Today we've been on another lovely walk and Clark has got some amazimg pictures of a Blue Tit who was feeding not 3 foot away from us, but as he's at Beavers at the moment and he hasn't bluetoothed them across to me you're just going to have to wait until tomorrow aren't you?


  1. How lovely to have woods like that so close to you :) We do have the local country park which is ok but nothing beats a walk in proper woods.

  2. It is certainly a beautiful place, absolutely gorgeous n the Autumn and we've even been there in the snow. We made a great big snowman in the middle of the cricket pitch!

  3. what a beautiful place for an afternoon adventure!
    i'm glad you took your camera along!!

  4. It really is a beautiful place,it has everything, a stream, grass field and woods. Perfect for inqisitive children!