Saturday, 8 June 2013

Clarks Pictures

As I said yesterday Clark took some georgous pictures when we were out walking the dogs, but I'll give you a bit of background before I post them.
We woke  to quite heavy rain which was a bit of a surprise as we weren't forecast any, but the garden can do with it and it saves me watering the pots and baskets and I'm all for anything that saves me work!
We went to Upton Park, I've mentioned it before another one of our favorite places to go. It had stopped raining by then even so we put our wellies on just in case and we had a lovely walk around the boardwalk which goes through the woods and all along the waters edge. It took us about 45 minutes, we put the dogs in the mini bus and walked round to the little plant shop they have there, it's run by volunteers and the plants are so cheap.
Malc and I looked round whilst the boys sat on a bench in front of the little shed where the till is. The volunteers put biscuits, seeds and mealworms out on a brick slate for the birds and they have visits from Blue Tits and Robins.
The boys weren't disappointed within a minute we had a family of blue fits flying down, they were so tame and took no notice of us at all, the robin also came down for the mealworms, unfortunately Clark wasn't fast enough with his camera, no matter how many times he tried to take a photo that robin was off before he could click!

He also walked round the walled garden that they have there and took some very pretty photos of the flowers
We also saw some very weird species of wildlife, here's one
And here's another
When we got home Callum and I put some lobelia in the hanging baskets that we already have, we had the usual round of Beavers, youth club with a hospital appointment for Malc thrown in for good measure.
Today I've dropped off Malc, Clark and Cody to meet up with a coach load of Beavers all on their way to Longleat.
All of their adventures will be reported tomorrow, until then, keep calm and cool!

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