Thursday, 6 June 2013


Yesterday morning the boys and I decided to makes some cakes.
Clark made chocolate chip cookies

Cody made honey loop chocolate cakes

I made a Dorset Apple Cake, a coconut slice, some scones and a big oblong sponge cake which Clark decorated with buttercream and smarties. We"ve got a couple of  days out coming up with picnic lunches so I thought if we had a baking session we'd have something to put in the rucksacks.
The tent ......
In the end Malc had to spend the night in there, Clark was quite happy to stay in there overnight by himself but Soloman and Cody really wanted to spend the night in it but they were a bit scared and wanted their Dad.
I think they finally settled down at about 10pm!
The bucket is in front of the tent because that's where the pole for the washing line is and I didn't want anyone tripping over it!
Anyway, all the airbeds, sleeping bags, torches and the actual tent have been tested for the camp they"ll be going to in a couple of weeks.
Back to Tuesday, in the afternoon we went over to our local fields which  are just over the road to us, there are three big fields, a couple of little parks and so much wildlife, we've even seen deer over there.
We walked the dogs round all the fields, we didn't see another soul and it was perfect! The dogs were shattered by the time we got back and we didn"t hear another peep out of them!
Eden got home from school and she looked after the boys whilst Malc and I went shopping. What a treat, a trip to Asdas all by ourselves!
We've had another beautiful day today but I'll save that for tomorrows post


  1. Oh those cookies and honey loops look sooooo yummy!!! Guys make the best cooks!

    Camping is one thing I am looking forward to when we get to CO! No mosquitoes!!! Yaaaayy!

  2. All the boys enjoy cooking, we're all for equal rights in this house!