Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chilled kind of day

This morning we went for a lovely walk over the heathland after going to Pets At Home to buy a new collar for Chumleigh and a dog harness for him and Tyxall hopefully to stop them pulling.
Last night Callum made some fairy cakes so we took some of them plus water bottles and set off.

 The views are amazing and the heathland just seems to go on forever.

Three hours later we returned home.
Callum and Clark have cleaned out their rabbits, Eden didn't come with us and had been revising all day for her exams which start in nine days!
I've made a trifle for pudding for tomorrow as we're going to Mums for lunch and I've also made a couple of little apple crumbles for Mum and a big one for us.
I haven't got a picture of the trifle as it's not "put together" yet but here are the crumbles.

I cooked the apple in a saucepan before adding the crumble but I've not cooked the whole thing as sometimes when you cook it to warm it up it tends to over brown the crumble, so I'll just wrap these and freeze them and take Mums up to her tomorrow.
I'm now going to sit and knit for a while, I've finished the back and two sleeves of the chunky cable jumper that was going to knit up quickly but in reality isn't going that fast!


  1. What a lovely place to walk. We've had a shopping day today whilst Eleanor, like Eden, stayed at home to revise. We've managed an hour at the allotment late afternoon too. Your apple crumbles look delicious.

    1. Thanks Jo. An allotment, I'm green with envy! It certainly is a lovely place to walk x

  2. Please can you come and stay for a few days and fill our freezer? So impressed with what you achieve in a day! xx

    1. I would gladly stay and fill your freezers if we could walk the dogs over that beautiful moorland x some times I feel my feet hit the ground running and they don't stop all day!