Saturday, 24 May 2014

No baking Day!

Just kidding!! As if?
Clark's been baking, he made this huge rectangle of cornflakes covered with chocolate with a little bit of treacle mixed in.
He had to wait for it to set before he cut it so I took a picture quick.

He's also made a chocolate sponge but I'm not allowed to take a picture and show it off yet as he's got to put the topping on.
This morning I woke up with my technical head on and not a lot to do so I explored the settings and layout on my blog, clicked on a few things and look where it got me.
There are still a couple of things I'd like to do but it's really hard to "click and drag" on a tablet! The whole thing moves alongside what you're trying to move. Very frustrating!
This afternoon Malc dropped Eden into town to meet some friends for a couple of hours and when he got back we all settled down and watched a DVD whilst trialing Callums raspberry ice cream topped with a few raspberries and some whipped cream.
Everybody gave it the thumbs up.

He has already got some blueberries and strawberries  to have a go at making different ice creams.
Hopefully this evening will be a quiet one in front of even more TV.
 Sometimes it's good to just be!

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