Sunday, 11 May 2014


It's a bit of a tradition in our house to settle down with nibbles and watch Eurovision.
Last night was no exception.
Although we were happy with the winning performance and song we did feel that there were others that were better.
I liked the Netherlands Country style song, Eden liked The Moustache song and one about a cliche!
The boys liked one where the men were all dressed up in different colored suits because they reminded them of The Wiggles!
They're children entertainers if you don't know them.
Here's a picture.

I know that Eurovision can get very political but we watch it as a fun family thing to do, eat nibbles, laugh hysterically at some of the acts and thoroughly enjoy having family time together.
There's not a lot of programmed you can do that too nowadays!
Did you watch?


  1. We didn't watch it, we used to but the voting is such a joke now that it's not really a competition. I know what you mean though, you can sit down as a family and enjoy watching it, taking it at face value.

  2. I watched - weird as usual but all good fun. Too tired to stay up past 11 but didn't need to see the end. We had some cashews to nibble but had eaten them before the first song!

    1. There's always one weird act, it wouldn't be Eurovision without one!

  3. I have to say I didn't watch it but I was pleased to see that Austria won.

    1. I did like the song, reminds me of a Bond theme tune!