Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cards and cakes

Today was NS's birthday, so after doing my hours work there this morning I came home did some ironing, had lunch and then we all went visiting with a card and cake for him.
The cake was made by Clark and I did the buttercream, mainly because Clark decided he'd had enough of cooking and wanted to go outside and play with his brothers and all their mates!
I made the card too. I've not made any for ages!

When we got home I had to finish off the ironing (yes, there really was that much there!)
The boys were meant to go to karate but Soloman and Cody didn't feel to good so Clark walked there and back by himself.
Eden's at a summer party, the band she's in are playing. She's just rung to say that her friends Mum is giving her a lift home so Malc doesn't have to turn out later tonight.
Off to watch Holby City!


  1. A lovely card and cake. I too used to make cards but it's years now since I've had all my supplies out.

    1. I haven't made any for ages and ages, I really enjoyed making a batch of them.

  2. Fab card and delicious looking cake, I bet both were really well received. I have fell out with card making in favour of a bit of sewing so I'm packing stuff up for the time being, the big box my crockery came in today will come in useful for this. I have tons of the stuff!

  3. I've just sorted through all my stuff and put it in a big plastic container so it's all easier to find. I have lots of little hands trying to help so I've got mean and sorted out stuff for them but mine is mine only!