Sunday, 19 April 2015

Living in perfect harmony.

Callum does gardening for various neighbours, he does weeding and mows lawns to earn a bit of money.
One of our neighbours had a bad stroke recently and so Callum has started to help him.
This man was a fantastic gardener and with Cals help has managed to continue to garden.
A couple of weeks ago he asked Callum to move his tortoise from the garage to a little enclosure in the garden, this was a bit of a surprise to Cal as he didn't even know that he had a tortoise. In fact when the man first mentioned it, Cal thought he was joking!
Cal and Clark have been coming home from the house over the past couple of weeks talking of the antics of this tortoise.
The mans wife fell at the beginning of last week and broke her forearm in four places, so I said to the boys that we'd go round this weekend with a bunch of flowers. We also took a couple of cupcakes that were made yesterday.
I just had to have a look at "Tiny".
Clark lifted the roof of the hut and this is what we saw

It isn't the best picture but hopefully you can see a hedgehog curled up next to the tortoise.
The man said that the hedgehog comes and goes but quite often they can both be found together  in the house asleep.
Wildlife co-existing!


  1. ah that's a lovely story, we had 2 rescue tortoises when I was growing up. They are wonderful creatures and so interesting when you get to spend some time with them.

    1. I've never seen a "real life" one before! It was so sweet x

  2. What an odd couple!
    We spotted a hedgehog yesterday - the first we've seen in the garden for years and years

    1. I meant the tortoise and hedgehog , not your neighbours!

    2. Oh don't worry we've got the odd, odd neighbours too. Mind you a lot of people think we're odd!
      We use to have hedgehogs in the garden but the dogs bark like billio at them so I think they've spread the word amongst themselves and don't come in anymore!

  3. What a lovely story and a lovely photograph. I love tortoises we had one for many years when I was growing up and even though we lived in the suburbs of London we quite often had hedgies around the garden. Now I live in the country and I am yet to see one.

  4. Funny how things are isn't it? I've no experience with tortoises at all. This one is about 50 yrs old, they bought it for their daughter. Unfortunately both their daughters have died of breast cancer so I think this help them hold on to their memories.

  5. Oh sweet! Isnt it funny how animals behave. I always wanted one. x