Monday, 14 April 2014

Back online

It's been horrible without internet, Eden has not been happy. I've had people texting asking why I wasn't on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else in cyber world!
On the other hand we've been out loads, getting tanned, walking dogs and celebrating birthdays.
Solomans was on Saturday, so we went to our favourite place for breakfast, got home and the boys played outside all day with their bikes and friends! That's how Soloman wanted to spend his special day!
We did have a cake, the remit was " a sponge cake covered in sweets!"
I did my best to oblige, we had our fountain candles again, this time they were much more successful.

 We live about half a mile from a local beach, it's sand and stone, nonetheless it's a nice little beach, only really known about by the locals so it wasn't very busy when we popped down there on Sunday afternoon.
All the boys went for a paddle but I didn't get a picture of Callum and Clark unfortunately.

 Today we went to Wareham forest, the sun was glorious and we walked for about one and a half hours.

 Found these forest creatures,

 The scenery is just beautiful, I never tire of this forest, there are so many routes you can take, we saw two other people but usually when we go we don't see a soul.

In other news my step dad has been ill so we have been at theirs helping to do some housework and cooking for my Mum. He's much better now and we are hoping to meet up at a local park.
So hopefully more pictures and news tomorrow!
Apologies too for not leaving comments on blogs I read lately, now we are "connected" again I should be commenting soon.


  1. good to see you back on line. I love the way the sun was catching on the sea.

    1. Thanks Sue hope to catch up with your blog over the next couple of days x the sun was glorious, the water was too cold for me though!

  2. It feels so strange when we don't have internet, I don't know how we used to go on without computers. It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time in the sunshine. I'd love to live so close to a beach, it looks fabulous there.

    1. We didn't have the internet when we first started home educating and use to look everything up in books. I look back and I dont know how we did it! We are very lucky, ten minutes one way is the beach and ten minutes the other is countryside. We do really live in a great place. X'