Wednesday, 23 April 2014

School work, weather and knitting.

More rain here today, my mop is leant against the back door ready for use!
After doing the basic housework we concentrated on the bathroom, cleaning down all the tiles and all the baskets holding all the toiletries which get quite dusty and covered in soap and toothpaste from grubby little boys!
Soloman and Cody then read their schoolbooks to me,  Callum and Clark don't really read to me any more unless they particularly ask me.
I then read the story of St George which I've been doing for about eight years now so it's pretty much known in this house.
We wrote letters to Nanny in Essex, just got to get some stamps so we can post it!
Malc and I went shopping leaving the two youngest on their tablets watching minecraft movies and the oldest working away with some workbooks.
Our local Lidl is just down the bottom of the estate we live on so we were only gone for an hour.
Shopping has been packed away and dinner eaten.
The boys can choose what they want to do this afternoon but I can guarantee you it won't be anything too strenuous!
Malc and I are going out to our local Toby carvery with my Mum and Dad at tea time to use some vouchers up that we were given at Christmas. I'm really looking forward to that.
I've finally managed to take some pictures of my knitting.

 This close up makes the wool look quite grey but it's actually a dark denim blue colour. It isn't growing very fast but I just don't seem to be getting any time to knit at the moment.

Never mind, it's probably not going to be needed until the autumn anyway so there's no rush.


  1. We have had sunshine and warmth today so its been a full on gardening day. My lovely daughter in law has invited us over for a chicken dinner tonight, which is lovely cos I'm shattered, I think it would have just been a sandwich!! Enjoy your Toby tea :-) Knitting is fabulous, I love cable jumpers, my needles are idle at the moment, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Maybe when the garden is finished we will get away in the caravan and I'll get the needles clicking :-) Have a lovely evening x

    1. Thanks Karen. Just got to put my lippy on and we're off x

  2. Ooo enjoy your meal .. I've just put my mop and bucket down!

  3. No rain in Suffolk! Have a lovely meal out tonight.
    I like the denim colour, isn't it weird how it looks grey in the close up

    1. I've noticed that some colours don't come out right, it's really weird!

  4. I used to love writing letters as a child. I'd write to anyone and everyone, and it was fabulous when a letter came back. I still love to receive proper letters these days rather than emails. I think letter writing is dying out sadly, so it's lovely to hear that the boys write letters to their Nanny. The knitting looks great, I haven't done a lot of cable work, but it's a great pattern. Enjoy your tea.

    1. I use to have many pen pals but like you say everyone has gone to emails. It's a bit like a proper book and a kindle to me! I like to savour a letter and read it quietly. I fear alongside you that the art of letter writing will die out.